Andy Dick on DWTS: Top 10 Facts You Need To Know

Andy Dick is set to “ride the bottom wave to the top” (as he puts it) on Dancing With The Stars this season. He may not be as light on his feet as some, but he more than makes up for it with his spirit, strength, humor, entertainment, and heart.

1. Andy Is The Founder Of Team PicklerDick.

Andy comes up with the new team at the two-minute mark in this DWTS clip.

Will TeamPicklerDick take the floor tonight?

2. Andy Gets Fan Love In Unexpected Ways

Jodie Sweetin, Andy Dick, DWTS, Dancing With The Stars

Check out this supportive work of art!

3. Kellie Pickler Disappears On Andy Dick As A Result Of Team PicklerDick.

Watch Video Here:

4. As Far As Rehab Goes, Dancing With The Stars Takes The Cake For Andy.

Andy opens up, “It’s been incredible and frightening all at the same time. There’s been so many ups and downs, we’ve had a roller coaster, but it’s challenged both of us in a wonderful way. I’ve been to rehab—we all know, I’ve said it a million times—but I’ve been to rehab 13 times and this is more and better than all of those. Granted, those helped to get me—I would never have been able to do this show without kinda having that rehab background, but it’s so rigorous. I’ve never done anything this hard in my life.” (

5. Andy’s Spotted With A Six-Pack After Rehab.

Andy Dick, DWTS, Dancing With The Stars

“I don’t drink anymore, but I always carry around a six-pack” -Andy Dick on #DWTS Prom Night

6. Mr. Dick Rejects Dancing With The Stars.

Andy Dick, DWTS, Dancing With The Stars

Andy told Kiss 92.5 that DWTS had actually asked him to be on the show in Season 1. He joked that if he had said yes back then when he was drinking that it would have been called “Dancing With The Drunk.” Now it’s season 16, so why did he say yes? Though enjoying dancing on the show and entertaining fans immensely, it does help him keep his mind off his alcohol addiction.

7. Andy May Love Dancing With The Stars, But The Stars Are Showing Their Andy Love As Well.

8. Andy Makes One Of The Judges Cry.

After a moving dance that was dedicated to his daughter, judge Carrie Ann breaks down and hugs Andy. This may or may not have something to do with Carrie Ann’s father passing away just before the season started.

9. Andy’s a Family Guy.

It’s like the Brady Brunch… sort of…

Andy’s daughter Meg, who he dedicated his DWTS performance to…

10. Even Andy’s Competitors Are “Pro” Andy Dick.

TeamDick, Andy Dick, Samba, DWTS, Dancing With The Stars, Kellie Pickler, Mark Ballas, Derek Hough, Sean Lowe

Everybody’s got a soft spot for #TeamDick. Love to love ya, Andy.

When asked about Andy joining the cast during the Lakers Youth Foundation at the LakersCasino Night presented by OneWest Bank and Pechanga Resort & Casino at Nokia Live, Derek Hough told exclusively, “I am not scared, I always support the wild cards and the underdogs, especially those that are in recovery.”

Derek thinks this could be a huge opportunity for Andy to show how far he’s come. Derek says, “I always support that and I think this is an amazing experience for someone that has gone through something like that to prove to themselves that they can do bigger and better things! To push themselves and overcome, that is what the show is all about! It’s triumphs and failures! It’s kind of like a metaphor for life with glitz and glam and rhinestones!”