Dancing With The Stars: 4/15/13 Live Blog

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Um, hello, Maks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lovin’ the S&M looks! 8:04pm

Side by side? I wouldn’t mind being side by side with Derek or Maks…. Chello!!!!!!!!!! 8:06pm

Go, Kym and Ingo. Check out my chat with her before the show here: http://heavy.com/entertainment/2013/04/dwts-kym-johnson-top-10/ 8:12pm

OMG Those costumes are hot. 8:14pm

Kym Johnson’s big tush bow is sexy as hell. Dying over her body. 8:15pm

Crystals and glitter and fringe, Oh my! 8:16pm

Blah Blah Blah Len. Still thinking about Maks from the opening sequence so no idea what you’re saying right now. 8:17pm

Formerly engaged Maks and Karina paired up after the break…. 8:20pm

Dreaming about Maksim over the commercial break… 8:21pm

Jive time! 8:24pm

Karina’s abs… Enough said. 8:25pm

Sorry, Maks, but your “hands above the waist rule doesn’t work for me.” 8:26pm

Stick out your tongue some more, Maks. 8:26pm

And the shirts come off! 8:27pm

When the gloves come off on DWTS, they really mean shirts. 8:27pm

Lovin’ Brunos green suit… and his stallion outburst. 8:29pm

Karina’s a brave little hot pink toaster. 8:31pm

Chin up, Victor! 8:37pm

Aw, who would cheat on Victor Ortiz? He could kick anyone’s ass! 8:38pm

I love this song… Flashback… Never Tear Us Apart… 8:39pm

I love how corny Carrie Ann alway is… 8:41pm

No Intent! No Intent! 8:42pm

Stevie Wonder announcement! Next Monday on DWTS, Baby! 8:43pm

Mirror cam, huh. 8:45pm

Yay, more Tony! 8:50pm

Is it just me or does Tony just get sexier… thanks for the tush shake by the way, Tony. 8:52pm

Mark Ballas kind of has a little bubble back there, huh. 8:53pm

Doesn’t Aly bare a striking resemblance to Mark’s former partner Bristol Palin? 8:54pm

Bruno’s Sassy Head Roll is the Highlight of my life. 8:54pm

I know we’re talking DWTS right now, but this trailer for The Great Gatsby during the commercial break is intense. 8:56pm

Bachelor time. 9:02pm

Normally not into Sean Lowe’s wardrobe, but loving the bronze! What do you thnk, Catherine? 9:04pm

I get it but not crazy about Peta’s fro. 9:05pm

Or her pants… 9:06pm

Catherine’s lookin’ tan, man. 9:06pm

Welcome back, Mr. Bachelor. 9:07pm

Pigeon…. pigeon.. 9:08pm

Selena Gomez performs tomorrow! 9:08pm

Mmmmmmmmm Derek. Yes please. 9:09pm

Derek can freak out on me anytime… Just throwin’ it out there. 9:11pm

Kelly, get rid of the wig please. 9:11pm

Lose the wig! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. 9:16pm

Love Derek’s facial expressions! 9:17pm

Those high kicks make Kellie look like she’s sportin’ a thong…cheeky. 9:18pm

Punch him again, Carrie Ann! 9:19pm

Hot Trot is right with Mister Hough. 9:20pm

The Great Gatsby makes another appearance as Bruno compares Kellie Pickler to the film. 9:20pm

Give ’em hell, DL! 9:27pm

Dirty old man… love it. 9:28pm

Loving the black sheer outfit. Super hot Chelsea Hightower. 9:29pm

DL looked like he was about to fall carrying Cheryl…. but awesome job. 9:31pm

Get ’em, Bruno! 9:32pm

Shut up. I thought he did a good job, big improvement. 9:32pm

ANDY, ANDY, ANDY! 9:33pm

666 -Devilish DL. 9:34pm

Maks and Val: Hottest Bros Ever. 9:39pm

What is with those nails? Yuck. 9:39p

Can’t stop looking at those horrible neon nails. 9:40pm

Maks Attacks! 9:41pm

I could turn this tango into home-made porn very easily… too much? 9:41pm

Okay. Head’s back in the game. Seriously awesome tango. 9:42pm

Maks! Maks! Maks! 9:43pm

Bruno, you sassy boy. 9:44pm

Lemon Tart, tasty down below, huh Len? 9:45pm

First 10’s of the Season!!!!!!!!!!! 9:47pm

Andy Dick as Zorro isn’t anything I thought I’d ever see… 9:52pm

Sexy time!… Yes, I just said that. 9:54pm

Ziplinin’!!!!!! 9:55pm

Totally off-beat, but we love him anyway. 9:55pm

Heart you, Andy! Night night! 9:59pm