Dancing With The Stars ReCap 4-15-13: Top 10 Highlights

Kym Johnson, Ingo, Brooke Burke-Charvet, DWTS, Dancing With The Stars

Let’s start things off with an awkward screen shot…

Now let’s move on to the Top 10 Highlights, shall we?

1. Paying Respect to the Victims of the Boston Marathon Bombing.

The hosts open the show with a few words in regards to the horrific tragedy that occurred today in Boston. Host Tom Bergeron makes a personal shout out to the people of Boston about a half hour into the show as he spends a great deal of time in the city. Further shout outs occurred throughout the show including Zendaya and Val dedicating their scores to Boston folks.

Alexandra Raisman’s heart goes out as she dedicates tonight’s dance to those affected by the Boston bombing. Boston is her hometown.

2. Maks Returns and Licks His Fingers, Running Them Through His Eyebrows For The Cameras.

Maksim Chmerchovskiy, Val Chmerchovskiy, DWTS, Dancing With The Stars, ABC

A special thank you to ABC for bringing back Maksim Chmerchovskiy. Yum. But, he’s not the only pro to come back… Tony, Anna, and a few others return as well for Len’s “Side by Side” challenge. The pro couples dance alongside the celebrities in order to force the celebrities to be held at a higher standard.

3. Len’s Had Enough of Fellow Judge Carrie Ann.

It’s all about love even when these judges argue, but tonight Len was extra edgy. We love him for it though.

After Jacoby and Karina danced, Carrie Ann gives her comments and then Len grunts, “I never thought you were going to shut up. You’re like the Gettyburg Address. You go on and on.”

Later on in the show, Len makes another remark, telling Carrie Ann, “Go Home!”

4. Victor Ortiz Gets Cheated On.

During rehearsals, Victor learns his girlfriend has been seeing someone else. Devastated Ortiz pushes through and brings depth to his performance.

5. Sean Lowe’s a Copycat.

Sean Lowe, The Bachelor, Dancing With The Stars, DWTS

Sean Lowe, The Bachelor, Dancing With The Stars, DWTS

Paired with pro Tristan, Sean Lowe decides to up his game and be more like the pro. As a result, Sean mimics everything from showing up at rehearsal in a matching hot pink shirt, stretching the same, you name it. It’s corny, but cute.

6. First 10’s of The Season!

Maksim Chmerchovskiy, Val Chmerchovskiy, Zendaya, DWTS, Dancing With The Stars

Complimenti Brothers Maks and Val Dancing Together. For the Tango, these two hot bros team up for the sexy number with Anna and Zendaya. Maks even grabs his brother a little in rehearsals. With Zendaya’s long legs and stellar moves, they make for an amazing performance.

7. Bruno Has a Laughing Fit.

When Len Calls Sean Lowe a Pigeon (as a compliment), Bruno can’t stop laughing and things definitely got entertaining.

8. Derek Hough Freaks Out on Kellie Pickler.

Derek Hough, Kellie Pickler, DWTS, Dancing With The Stars

As pressure mounts, Derek feels it and starts to unleash a little on Kelly… but, Derek can do no wrong. He looks sexy angry…. Grrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!

9. Stevie Wonder and Selena Gomez Announcements.

Tomorrow Selena Gomez will perform her new single on DWTS while Stevie will be performing on Monday. Mondays show will be all about Stevie!

10. Andy Dick Ziplines in as Zorro.

Andy Dick, DWTS, Dancing With The Stars

Photo Credit: Lauren Weigle

Performing as Zorro, Andy ziplines across the ballroom floor before dancing his little heart out. Though off-beat as usual, still always fun to watch.