Beyonce Cancels Belgium Concert, Further Fueling Pregancy Rumors

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And the Pregnancy Rumors Continue…

E! News had the exclusive today, revealing:

The singer was forced to cancel her Mrs. Carter Tour show in Antwerp, Belgium, on Tuesday, the concert venue, her rep told E! News.
The reason? Blue Ivy’s mama “has been advised by her doctors to rest as a result of dehydration and exhaustion.”

Queen Bey is said to be “awaiting work from her doctors before making a decision on the second Belgium date scheduled for May 15.” And Monday night’s show will be rescheduled “as soon as possible.”

E! News is also talking about Beyonce’s PR…

Her Rep Is Staying Silent: While it’s not totally out of the ordinary for her publicist to keep quiet, a quick denial would generally be protocol if a pregnancy was entirely out of the question.

They also have been watching her alcohol intake.

She’s Skipping the Sauce: A source told E! News that the “Love on Top” singer stayed sober throughout the punk-themed Met Gala bash. While Bey normally isn’t a big drinker, did she choose to pass on drinking at the party simply by choice?

Now, pregnant women often get crazy cravings, but how nearly $1,000 worth of chicken?

Vanity Fair and The Daily Mail both cover Beyonce’s pricey chicken binge.

Daily Mail dishes this:

A US newspaper claims she’s pregnant and if that is the case Beyoncé may well be craving spicy chicken.

The 31-year-old singer spent £750 (€875.90) on Nandos after performing at Dublin arena, but the massive takeaway wasn’t just for her, she treated her crew too.

Beyoncé’s colossal order includes 14 jumbo platters and seven wing roulettes, with each jumbo platter containing two whole chickens and fives sides.

Sure, she shared the Portuguese cuisine with members of her crew, but it still has the rumor mills going. Check out the Nandos receipt furnished by The Daily Mail here:

Nandos, Beyonce, Beyonce Pregnant

(The Daily Mail – Nandos) speculates that Beyonce may just be waiting for the right moment to reveal her baby news.

To add to all of the fuss, Beyonce has canceled one of her concerts in Belgium. Could she be pregnant?!? It’s possible! She cited exhaustion and dehydration as the reasons for her show cancellation.
When Bey was pregnant with Blue Ivy, she announced the news to the world at the MTV VMAs. Perhaps this time she is merely waiting for the proper time? Most people don’t wish to reveal the news until they are at least three months along – so maybe she’s waiting for the all clear?

The jury is still out on this one, but the speculation keeps coming…