Dancing With The Stars 5/20/13: Top 10 Highlights



1. The Finale Has Come.

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Having to learn three dances each, it was a triple round night on DWTS. The first round consisted of picks from the judges as well as mentoring. The second round was the Cha Cha Relay, where the couples competed one after another to add a range of 2-5 points to their overall score. Finally, was the Supersize Freestyle round. For this round, each couple had complete freedom from the dance, to staging, to extra dancers, to musicians. Aly and Mark’s futuristic freestyle was particularly electric and made use of two stripper poles that brought Carrie Ann Inaba back to her days on the “Goddess” tour.

2. A Moment of Silence Was Held to Honor Oklahoma.

Asking the audience to hold their applause, host Tom addressed the camera in honor of anyone affected by the devastating tornadoes in Oklahoma.

3. Val Chmerkovskiy Gets Bloody.

Poor Val Chmerkovskiy feels the wrath of partner Zendaya’s elbow during rehearsals. After a lot of blood, some swelling, and stitches, Val’s eye was bandaged up and beautiful. Though he should not have danced tonight, he was not going to let his teammate down.

4. DWTS Goes Ganghnam Style Tomorrow.


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Look who’s performing on the finale tomorrow night.

5. Jacoby Is The Last Man Standing.

…The last man standing and the man in last place for the evening. Even with high scores from the judges, Jacoby couldn’t keep up with his seriously gifted co-stars. Check out his freestyle as he and Karina bring Mardi Gras to DWTS.

6. Pitbull Performs on DWTS Tomorrow.

Pitbull, DWTS

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You’ve been waiting all season and now it’s finally here. Wynonna Judd will also be returning to the show to perform as well.

7. ABC’s Voting System Goes Down.

Mirrorball, DWTS


West-coasters have a tougher time with this since the voting was closed to them tonight.

8. Kellie and Derek’s Freestyle Moves The Judges.

Their dance was intense and amazing. Judge Carrie Ann bursts into tears and hugs Kellie, congratulating her on a soul-baring routine. And then, Len gives the duo a standing ovation. In addition, when giving his score of “10” to the couple, he shouts out that it should have been an “11”. In response, judge Bruno shouts that he agrees with Len “for once”.

9. Derek Didn’t Want to Do DWTS Again.

After his insane freestyle routine with Kellie Pickler, Derek appears overwhelmed and confesses that he hadn’t planned on returning to DWTS this season, but he had a strange feeling that made him come back. He now realized that feeling was Kelly.

10. The Final Scores Are Tallied.

Judges’ Picks Round: Jacoby 27, Aly 28, Zendaya 30, Kellie 30
Cha Cha Relay Round: Jacoby 2, Aly 3, Zendaya 5, Kellie 4
Supersize Freestyle: Jacoby 27, Aly 30, Zendaya 30, Kellie 30

Total Scores: Jacoby 56, Aly 61, Zendaya 65, Kellie 64

These put Zendaya and Val in the lead by 1 point.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s results as all the previous celebrities and performers come back to join in the fun.