Robert Rodriguez Making a ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’ TV Show


Between From Dusk Till Dawn and Desperado, I’ve had a burrito-sized chubby (that’s a Mexican joke…don’t worry I’m Hispanic) for Robert Rodriguez for quite some time now. From Dusk Till Dawn is such an over-the-top coalesce of genres: grotesque horror, action, comedy, sex appeal…it has it all and it does it with such a F-you to traditional Hollywood that you cannot help but to love this film.

Well get ready folks because Robert Rodriguez is developing a TV-Pilot based on the film. While we don’t know too many details about it what we do know is that the show will run on Univisionopti

Rodriguez’s English-language Univision channel called El Rey, a channel that is set to launch, along with the show, sometime by the end of this year on Comcast.

My hopes are a little mixed about this series because while I loved the film, if you’ve seen any of the sequels you know how god-awful they are. But to his credit, Double-R had nothing to do with those sequels.

So what do you think? Are you excited for a From Dusk Till Dawn television series?

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