‘Snitch’: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

Snitch Poster

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson stars in the new crime film Snitch, which has already come out in the US since February and will release in Australia this month. Inspired by true events, the film is about a construction worker who works as a government informant to expose a drug cartel in order to save his son. Here are some quick facts to know about the film.

1. Dwayne Johnson Plays the Lead

Dwayne Johnson in Snitch

Dwayne Johnson plays John Matthews, a single father who finds out from his ex-wife that their son has been arrested for selling drugs. John also discovered that his son was framed by a friend in order to reduce his sentence and now must find a way to get him out. John then makes a deal with a US attorney to bring down a drug dealer in order to reduce his son’s sentence. In an interview with Collider, Dwayne talked about his connection with the film. “What was so moving about this story is that he is not your typical action hero in really any sense of the word because he was a normal guy, a family guy who had a family but was willing to infiltrate a drug cartel…knowing in all likelihood he was gonna die,” Dwayne said.

2. The Movie Was Inspired By True Events

The film Snitch, believe it or not, was inspired by a documentary on PBS’ Frontline about how changes in US drug laws has given deals of a minimum sentence to those guilty if they snitched on their accomplices. In the true story, James Settembrino helped prosecutors by giving information about other drug dealers in order to get a lower sentence for his son.

3. Barry Pepper Plays an Agent

Barry Pepper in Snitch

Acclaimed actor Barry Pepper plays Agent Cooper, one of the officials who helps John bring the drug dealers to justice. In order to get into character, Barry told Hollywood.com that he worked with actual DEA agents and learned that “when they go undercover, it sort of becomes that life and in Cooper’s case, he was working undercover for years…and it just sort of becomes a part of you.”

4. Benjamin Bratt Portrays a Kingpin

Bemjamin Bratt in Snitch

Law & Order vet Benjamin Bratt returns to film after doing TV stints in Modern Family and Private Practice. In Snitch, he plays drug kingpin Juan Carlos Pintera AKA El Topo. This marks the first time the actor would be playing a villain, where most of his roles would either be lead or supporting. In describing his villianous role, he spoke with Latino-Review saying, “What I’m intrigued by playing someone like this, as the guy on top of the pile, he has an eerie and deadly confidence as who everything behind him to attack with every avenue he wants to pursue.”

5. A Walking Dead Star Appears in the Film

Jon Benthal in Snitch

Jon Bernthal, known to audiences as Shane in The Walking Dead plays Daniel James, a family man who brings John into the drug cartel in order to stop the drug ring. Just as John is working undercover for his son, Daniel wants to live a clean life with his wife and son. Jon told PopSugar not to consider Snitch as a buddy movie, but “there were a lot of scenes in the script where Dwayne and I would open up to each other in the truck and we would tell each other who we are and where we’re coming from.”

6. Susan Sarandon Plays an Attorney

Susan Sarandon in Snitch

Actress Susan Sarandon plays US attorney Joanne Keeghan, who offers John the deal to help her take out the drug cartel to lower his son’s prison sentence. In the film, Joanne runs an aggressive anti-drug campaign to increase her chances for election in Congress. “What was fun playing her was that she was not burdened with empathy…she’s very ambitious and she’s running for the senate and so she’s able to do whatever it takes,” the actress told The Richest.

7. A Former CSI: NY Member Plays a Role

Melina Kanakaredes in Snitch

Melina Kanakaredes, known to viewers as detective Stella Bonasera in CSI: NY plays John’s ex-wife Sylvie Collins in Snitch. Sylvie delivers the news to John at the beginning of the film on their son’s arrest. Seeing that he hasn’t been in his son’s life to guide him, John takes it on himself to save his son from facing 10 long years in prison. “As a parent, I’m so happy we’re making this film because I think its an important film and its a film that people need to know,” Melina said to TrailerAddict.

8. The Screenplay Was By a Revolutionary Road Writer

Justin Haythe

The screenplay of this film was written by director Ric Roman Waugh and Justin Haythe, who is known for adapting Reservation Road to the big screen in 2008.

9. The Film Has Made $42 Million in America

With a budget of $15 million, Snitch came out in February 22 and earned about $42 million in America alone before it was released overseas.

10. Check Out the Trailer

For those who haven’t checked out the film, here’s a quick look.