The Glades Premiere: Exclusive Interview with Matt Passmore

Matt Passmore, The Glades


A&E’s drama The Glades premieres tonight with Detective Jim Longworth on the job. Fortunately, we had the opportunity to chat with sexy star Matt Passmore, the most intriguing Florida homicide investigator in the biz. The Aussie actor was nice enough to give us some inside info on what to expect from The Glades this season. Have a look inside Passmore’s “dark world” on the show and his non-existent one off the show… And, be sure to keep your ears open as he gives viewers a hearty shout out!

Passmore’s charm shines through as he smiles and laughs his way through some of our questions, while engaging passionately into conversation… especially when his character is the main topic. Aside from revealing some of the details of the upcoming season, he gives us a glimpse into his life living at the beach, his rare Saturday night freedoms, his night-time adventures, and the challenges he faces on the job.

Special thanks to Matt Passmore, A&E, Premiere TV, and Tiffany Miller.