America’s Got Talent Premiere 6/4/13: Live Blog

Looks like Nick Cannon is ridin’ in style 9:00pm.

Is Nick Cannon supposed to be the new James Brown? 9:01pm.

Looks like Howie Mandel dropped his bush 9:02pm.

Contestants are getting ready for the show! 9:03pm

Wow, Mel B looks excited 9:04pm.

Check out the little black dress on Heidi Klum 9:04pm.

Why does this guy have a snake? Looks Nick Cannon’s getting a little nervous. 9:07pm

Howard just said he’s going to suck the venom out of Heidi! 9:09pm

This guy says he’s been bitten before! Looks like he’s lucky to be alive. 9:09pm

Oh my god the snake attacked and popped the balloon. That guy has some guts! 9:10pm

Looks like Howie loved it 9:11pm.

The snake man gets a yes all around! 9:12pm

This next guy looks like a real cowboy. He even mentioned KFC. 9:16pm

I’m scared for this next talent. 9:17pm

This guy is a real charmer. 9:18pm

Make you feel my love? His high notes seem to be right up there with Adele. 9:19pm

I bet there “ain’t nothin’ he wouldn’t do” to pass through to Vegas! 9:19pm

Heidi Klum calls his wife on stage! 9:20pm

Now that’s a trophy wife! 9:21pm

Howard Stern is psyched for the next talent! 9:28pm

I bet Howard Stern’s hair would make really good slippers. 9:29pm

Who is this? Lady Gaga on asian crack? 9:29pm

This chick’s accent is killing me. 9:30pm

I guess I was right! 9:30PM

It’s like I get embarrassed for them. 9:31pm

Looks like she’s having a slutty seizure. Howie’s lovin’ it. 9:31pm

It’s like I want to look away but I just…can’t. 9:32pm

Stories? More like drugs. 9:33pm

I swear Howie is going to adopt this asian grown up baby. At least she’s still happy. Too bad they’re telling her to leave. 9:33pm

What’s he doing? Is that a talent? 9:34pm

Heidi spanks Howie! 9:34pm

I remember the last time I had pantyhose on my face. 9:36pm

Is there anything this guy hasn’t done? 9:41pm

This reminds me of James Bond… 9:42pm

I think we have some puppets on steroids. 9:42pm

Howie looks like he’s having the best day of his life. 9:43pm

Why is Rihanna playing in the background? 9:46pm

We don’t get to watch them?! 9:51pm

If this guy’s nickname is headache I’m not sure I want to watch him… 9:51pm

This guy’s really buttering up the judges. 9:52pm

I hope that dancer doesn’t drop his umbrella. 9:53pm

Ooo apparently we have some abs showing. 9:53pm

Only two days? This is a group of machines! 9:54pm

We’ve got a diverse judge panel this season:

Howard and Heidi are apparently goin’ at it behind this guy’s blue screen! 9:58pm

Everyone knows you can’t have eggs without salt. And apparently lemon. And hot pepper. 10:05pm

Howie got trolled! 10:08pm

Who’s this Beiber look alike? Look at those leggings! I mean, pants. Sorry little boy. 10:13pm

Something tells me she’s going to be good. 10:14pm

Only ten years old? This girl sounds really mature. 10:15pm

Good thing Nick Cannon has nice shoes on. 10:15pm

Wow, OK Carrie Underwood. Could have fooled me. 10:16pm

This little girl is blowing me away. 10:16pm

I’d be crying too if I was her mama! 10:17pm

This is seriously making me tear up right now. 10:19pm

Nick, listen to the judges. They know what they’re talking about! 10:23pm

So, does this next act count as sixty talents or one? 10:24pm

I knew “Call me maybe” would make it into one of the acts. Epic. 10:25pm

Now I can cross watch a priest sing “Call me maybe” off my bucket list. 10:26pm

What is that, an army? 10:33pm

The next act is missing? That’s convenient. 10:34pm

Yes Nick, I agree. 10:35pm

Someone get this guy some ex-lax. 10:36pm

Looks like Cannon and “special head” just shared a ‘special’ moment. 10:38pm

Does the next act look like Celine Dion or is it just me? 10:43pm

Wow, am I psychic or what? 10:44pm

Mel B loved this act. What a breath of fresh air! 10:46pm

That’s a lot of glitter in one dress, Mel B. 10:47pm

Who called these Barbie’s in? 10:47pm

Uh-oh! Howard Stern just went there! 10:48pm

Can’t wait for this. 10:52pm

These guys’ voices could be their act! 10:54pm

Gangnam style? Let’s not go there. 10:54pm

These brothers are wild. 10:57pm

That’s all folks! Tune in next Tuesday for the next episode of America’s Got Talent!