Dr. Oz Beat Out Homeland?: Wrong Envelope Screw-up at Emmys

Aisha Tyler, Sharon Osbourne, Emmy Awards

(Getty Images)

Hey, everyone makes mistakes, but the Emmy Awards was not expecting this one to happen. The Daytime Emmys accidentally sent the wrong envelope out onstage for the Most Informative Talk Show category. Fortunately, the talented and intelligent Aisha Tyler caught the mistake when presenting the award. She also bought time like a true champion as staff hustled backstage in search of the correct envelope.

Tyler joked:

Someone’s going to bring me another envelope that has a lot of money and a puppy.

She also revealed the name of the show that was inside the envelope without revealing the category.

Apparently Homeland won for Most Informative Talk Show.

Well, good news for Homeland, though Dr. Oz was the actual winner of this category. Not so good news for the Emmy Awards’ crew. Check out the brilliant disaster here: