Exclusive Interview: MTV Star Mark Long Talks Channing Tatum, Jamie Foxx, & Pocket Protein

Mark Long, MTV

(Photo Credit: Heavy.com)

You may not recognize Mark Long in this photograph because he doesn’t have his shirt off. In any event, we got a chance to sit down with MTV and TV Guide star Mark Long who gave us the inside scoop on everything he has going on right now from his work at the White House to his bond with Jersey Shore’s Ronnie Magro to his new product Pocket Protein. Oh yea, and did we mention he has a brand new promo airing today on MTV Primetime with Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx? Yeah, that’s a pretty big one too.

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Watch the video to hear all about the on-set fun with the hot stars, what Long does to stay young, and more! It’s definitely an entertaining interview.

Whenever I chat with Mark Long, I get a mix of sincerity, spice, and pure fun. This time was no different as he dished about the new promo running over the next two weeks in order to promote the new movie White House Down.

Ronnie Magro, Channing Tatum, Mark Long, Jamie Foxx


The premise is that he, Magro, Tatum, and Foxx are all roommates in an effort to combine White House Down, The Real World, and Jersey Shore. That alone should make you watch it. Oh yeah, that and the fact that Mark Long has no shirt on.

Now let’s talk about what’s really important. Pocket Protein.

Pocket Protein

This is Mark’s baby and it’s awesome. He’s been all over talking up this new product that isn’t your typical protein drink. First of all, it tastes good. Secondly, it’s perfect for travel. Plus, it makes you look good by having collagen in it.

Mark Long, Lauren Weigle, MTV

Mark Long Pictured with Celebrity editor Lauren Weigle.(Photo Credit: Heavy.com)

Most importantly, Pocket Protein is “guilt free” or as Mark Long puts it, “Just Protein. Nothing Else.” Maybe that’s why Long looks so good. Pocket Protein all the way!

Pocket Protein

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