Keeping Up With The Kardashians Premiere: Top 10 Highlights

1. The Season Kicks Off With Brody and Brandon Jenner Joining The Party

The two Jenner boys come over to spend some time with the whole family, but all anyone can talk about is the dog breaking serious wind. Nonetheless, Brody’s return to Reality TV is a success.

2. Kris Encourages Play-dates for Bruce

Toy helicopter flying Bruce apparently has fellow toy helicopter flying buddies.

3. Scott Wants to Get in on Some Back Door Action

There is a ton of tushy talk in this episode as Lord Disick becomes obsessed with trying to “hit it from the backdoor” as one might say. Kourtney then decides to give Scott a taste of his own medicine by agreeing on the condition she can do it to him first. Scott calls her bluff, but it backfires. After Kourtney chases Scott around with a dildo, he has a change of heart.

4. Bruce Moves Out

Bruce and Kris decide they need some space, but assure the kids that nothing is wrong. And so, Bruce buys himself a place at the beach. Many of the kids are concerned and confused, while Kendall likes the idea. Bruce really makes it a bachelor pad with a jacuzzi outside and a ping pong table in the living room. While Kris thinks this is a great idea in the beginning, she begins to miss Bruce and tells him to come home. Though reluctant at first, Bruce obliges.

5. Khloe and Rob Watched the Premiere With Us

Good to know.

Jun 2, 2013 | Keeping Up by KhloeKardashian on

Well, not just us… with everyone.

6. Kimye Buys a House

The pair has bought a gigantic beauty that they just want to completely tear apart and re-do. There is no way the house will be finished by the time baby Kimye comes. Khloe tells sister Kim that she is in for a wake-up call. Meanwhile, Momma Kris is building a nursery at her house so Kim can stay there with baby Kimye until the massive mansion is finished.

7. Kim Opens Up About Her Divorce

As this episode was filmed before Kim’s divorce from Kris Humphries was finalized, pregnant Kim was very stressed about having a baby while still married to someone else.

8. Fifteen-Year Old Kylie Has Her Drivers’ Permit

Behind the wheel a great deal in this episode, we get to see Kylie learning to handle driving.

9. Kim is Having a…. Girl!

Kim finds out she is having a girl! But, Daddy Kanye is missing from this doctor visit. This doesn’t seem to be phasing Kim and she say that she is so happy. She says Kanye always wanted to have a little girl.

10. Highlights for the Season Are Shown

The sisters “TP” Kim’s house. Rob is self-conscious about his body. The Jenner girls have modeling drama. Scott is changing. Kris offers to be a surrogate for Khloe. Kim is having a painful pregnancy.