Kristen Bauguess, James Woods’ Girlfriend: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Actor James Woods has a new girlfriend and she’s almost 50 years younger than he is. Kristen Bauguess is her name and dating Woods is her game. The two are apparently crazy about one another despite the vast age difference. Even so, Hollywood as well as the general public has doubts about Bauguess and her intentions. Let’s take a look at our fast facts on Kristen Bauguess for a look at who she is, her recent drug possession charges, her aliases, and more!

1. Kristen Bauguess is Not Her Only Name

So, apparently she not only goes by Kristen Bauguess. Her Twitter account is registered under the name Kristen Reaves and her Twitter name is Kris Turken. Well, which one is it, Kris?

2. She Has a Brand New Mugshot

James Woods, Mugshot, Girlfriend, Kris Turken, Kristen Bauguess, Kristen Reaves, Arrest, Drugs, Speeding, Dating

On June 8, Bauguess was arrested and charged with not one, but five different things! First she starts off with a speeding charge. Then, failure to register an automobile, switching license tags to misrepresent, possession of a controlled substance, and possession of marijuana followed. Yikes! Sounds like James Woods has his hands full … or maybe that’s how he likes them.

The arrest occurred in Chatham County, Georgia, and the end result so far is suspicion on two felonies and three misdemeanors.

3. Bauguess Seems Madly in Love With the Much Older Woods

Onlookers as well as Twitter followers say that 20 year-old Bauguess is head over heels for James Woods, 66, and here are the tweets to prove it.

Apparently, Woods is quite the Poker player and his new girlfriend is showing her encouragement as well as support.

4. The Skinny Chick is a Junk Food Fanatic

Tweet after tweet from Bauguess is of some sort of food dish. From room service, to in-flight meals, to junk food, this girl likes to eat. Hey, we all do!

Enjoy that 20 year-old metabolism while you have it!

She apparently loves chocolate milk and grape juice … doesn’t every child?

That’s a lot of food tweets for someone who just started a Twitter account two months ago.

5. Kristen Idolizes James Woods

It seems that Kristen really looks up to her older man. And why shouldn’t she? He’s a sincerely talented actor who is currently starring in White House Down with Jamie Foxx and Channing Tatum.

Stay tuned for more info on Bauguess … I mean Reaves … I mean Turken.

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