Paula Deen Held ‘In Contempt of Court’

Paula Deen

(Getty images)

Following her recent run-in with the media over racial slurs and missing a television interview due to alleged exhaustion, Paula Deen reportedly has an even bigger issue on her hands. According to The New York Post, Paula and her brother, Bubba Hiers, are being held “in contempt of court” for failing to turn in evidence relevant to a new lawsuit sitting on their shoulders, one involving a past employee. Former manager of a restaurant the siblings used to own, Lisa Jackson, is suing Paula and her brother for racially discriminative conduct involving their former restaurant employees. Oh snap! However, Paula and her brother continually deny any such behavior. And, for some strange reason, the sought evidence being withheld from the court is said to include a raunchy video starring a chocolate eclair, and Paula swearing in the background. Oops — bet that one wasn’t meant to leak!

The New York Post also reports the words:

…just a syrup that’s gonna stick our balls together.

being spoken during the act. That must be one sticky eclair. I think it’s safe to say I too, would be swearing if I witnessed a sexual act on a pastry. However, since hearing about her “held in contempt” ruling, Deen is said to have finally turned over the tape. Let’s hope the prosecution burns that tape once they are done with it… if that thing reaches the public eye Paula will forever change the public’s image of an eclair.