Rihanna Hits Fan In the Face With Microphone [VIDEO]


(Getty images)

It seems that Rihanna gave one of her fans a little more than a love tap during one of her performances on tour in the UK. While Rihanna was walking by singing “We Found Love” and dragging her hand through the crowd, one of her fans might have held on a little too tight. Rihanna’s reaction..? BAM! She turned around and whacked the fan with her other hand, reportedly in the face, and swiftly kept moving. Too bad for her fan that she happened to be holding a mic in that hand! Ouch.

Check out the live video of the incident below!

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However, some fans are saying Rihanna’s move was an accident.

And others are definitely not!

Do you think Rihanna did it on purpose? Some fans say it’s hard to tell… but isn’t it kind of hard to just turn around and lob somebody in the face by accident? At least it was a microphone and not an umbrella-ella-ella.

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