WATCH: Lebron James Stuffs His Face With Pizza & Parties with Drake

lebron james pizza

The Miami Heat won the NBA world championship last night, so star player LeBron James celebrated in style. He went to a South Beach club, popped some bottles with his buddy Drake and annihilated some delivery pizza.

Watch the video below.

While Drake “rapped” next to him (more like stand there with a mic while his track played in the background), Lebron James went to town on some cheesy slices at Story Nightclub in South Beach. Because nothing says “victory” like licking your fingers while grabbing a grease-stained cardboard box. Lets just say our boy LeBbron looks way, way more into that pizza than anything else.

This proves to be a bit more “PG” than last year’s celebration in which LeBron James wore a shirt with a picture of himself as a vampire and sang onstage alongside Redfoo and LMFAO.

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