‘Breaking Bad’ Threw a Party at Comic-Con, Complete with Blue Meth Drinks

The final season of Breaking Bad is only weeks away and buzz about the show’s appearance on the final day of Comic-Con was at a fever pitch. Fans slept outside overnight for their chance to enter the hallowed doors of Hall H for the show’s final appearance at Comic Con.

While getting a chance to pick the brains of creator Vince Gilligan and the cast is a dream come true for many die-hards, they also got a brief (and we do mean brief) glimpse of what’s to come with the new season.

In the snipet, we some teens skateboarding in the the White’s now deserted pool as a disheveled Walter White enters his dark, abandoned home. Upon leaving the home, he spots a neighbor who drops her groceries in shock at seeing him.


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Following the panel, the cast and a select number of lucky fans packed into the Hard Rock Hotel’s bar area for some autographs and photos. Heavy was lucky enough to push our way through the velvet ropes and enjoy rubbing shoulders with the infamous Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. The bar was decked out with everything from bartenders in hazmat suits pouring crystal blue meth margaritas, to a photo area where fans had the opportunity to be the star of their own Breaking Bad photo shoot.

We’re still pinching ourselves to make sure it really happened.

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