Farrah Abraham Interview: Pregnancy Scare, Charlie Sheen, & Michael Lohan

Farrah Abraham


Earlier this morning Farrah Abraham had an interview with Jared and Katie from 1075KZL, throughout which she touched on a lot of the recent rumors about her.

During the interview, Farrah spoke about her pregnancy scare, how she got involved with our favorite angry man Charlie Sheen, the truth about Michael Lohan at Luken’s Institute, and an affair involving her old public relations agent.

After Jared and Katie asked Farrah if she had a pregnancy scare after being seen with a pregnancy test, she responded:

I was scared, I didn’t get my period for two months.

But, as we know — she is not currently pregnant. Phew! That was a close one. Then, when asked about why Michael Lohan was speaking about her in the news the teen mom diva lashed out, saying he has “no one’s best interest in mind,” and that she’s “thankful” for counselors she had during her stay at Luken’s Institute for protecting her from the “delusion he lives in.” Plus, she adds, part of the reason Farrah fired her old PR was because her PR rep was sleeping with Michael Lohan. Apparently, her scheming PR company had a different agenda than Farrah did, though we’re not sure which PR company she is referring to.

And, when it comes to Farrah’s feud with Charlie Sheen regarding texting rumors, Farrah says the only reason she was in contact with him was because of her PR. She admits that Charlie did, in fact, have an undeniable interest in her. Too bad he had a girlfriend at the time, according to Farrah… Finally, when asked if Charlie ever put the moves on her — the teen mom responded saying it’s “over” and she doesn’t want to talk about it. Good for you, Farrah.