Authorities Suspicious of the Cause of Death of Lisa Robin Kelly

Lisa Robin Kelly Dead

(Getty Images)

According to TMZ, authorities are suspicious of the cause of death of That 70s Show actress Lisa Robin Kelly after she died last week in her sleep at a rehabilitation facility in California.

Apparently both the L.A. County Coroner and the L.A. County Sheriff are conducting separate investigations into the matter. Authorities tell the gossip website that the Coroner was never notified of Kelly’s death and only found out when an official at the office saw the news on TMZ four hours later.

Even more, the rehab allegedly told the Coroner that Kelly died of embolism–a blockage in the bloodstream–but the Coroner says there’s no way of telling if someone died from embolism without first performing an autopsy.

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Sources also tell the site that the doctor told the Coroner that Kelly was taking detox drugs, but it is unclear whether they played a part in her death. Kelly’s autopsy was performed on Saturday, but the Coroner has still not made a determination and toxicology results will not be available for another eight to 10 weeks.

A security hold has been issued on the case, preventing more information from being released during the investigation.