Is Harry Potter 8 Really Happening?

harry potter 8 real

Short answer: It could eventually, but there’s no evidence to suggest it.

A rumor is circulating via social media that JK Rowling is working on her the eighth book in the Harry Potter series. So, how seriously can you take this? Well, probably not at all. The story seems to have started with this article boasting over 10,000 Facebook likes. The story alleges that a dissatisfied Rowling, unimpressed by sales of her newest book The Casual Vacancy, has decided to jump back into the Harry Potter ring. The story references a Yahoo News article and New York Times article that allegedly makes the same claim. Problem? Those articles do not appear to exist.

And things become crystal clear when you realize that the article was penned on April 1st, the day we like to call April Fool’s Day. Unfortunately, undiscerning people have likely run into the story and taken it at face value before realizing that the news is merely a joke. A not-so-fun property of the internet is that jokes don’t disappear after you make them, and apparently, continue to fool people well through the year.

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