Caroline Lindqvist, Owen Wilson’s Baby Mama: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

owen wilson baby mama caroline lindqvist

Caroline Lindqvist is the hot topic right now as it’s been announced that she’s pregnant by actor Owen Wilson. Check out the 5 Fast Facts on her relationship with Owen Wilson as well as facts about who she is as well.

1. The Baby Is Due This Winter

Actor Owen Wilson is caught in some baby mama drama as he’s apparently impregnated Caroline Lindqvist. The 42-year-old Swedish-born ballerina is supposedly due this January, according to The National Enquirer. The couple is apparently thrilled with the baby news

2. Caroline’s Married … And Not to Owen

Caroline Lindqvist Baby Owen Wilson, Caroline Lindqvist Pregnant Lovechild Owen Wilson, Caroline Lindqvist Trainer Pregnant


Yes, Caroline is married, but she’s also been separated for over a year. Her husband, Dr. Ritu Chopra is a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon who is also an entrepreneur with his own skincare line called Ratio.

Caroline Lindqvist Baby Owen Wilson, Caroline Lindqvist Pregnant Lovechild Owen Wilson, Caroline Lindqvist Trainer Pregnant


As for their divorce plans, they want it to move quickly and smoothly.

Neither has hired an attorney, and Caroline is going to walk away from the divorce with practically nothing. But she is going to score big time by having Owen’s baby – she’ll be set for life.

3. Owen Wilson Was a Client of Caroline’s

caroline review copy

According to The National Enquirer:

The screen star met Caroline shortly after his 2007 suicide at­tempt, which was sparked by his split from Kate Hudson. At that point, he hired Caroline – who currently works in real estate in Malibu – to be his personal trainer.

4. Owen’s First Baby Mama Jade Duell May Be Trouble for Caroline

Owen Wilson had a son in 2011 with a woman named Jade and the birth took place at his home in Hawaii. A friend told the Enquirer:

Owen was dreading telling Jade about Car­oline being pregnant because she can be a real spitfire when she gets angry … Jade was shocked, but she kept her cool, at least for now.

5. Jade Will Not Allow Caroline to Give Birth at Owen’s Hawaii Home

According to a source:

That’s where Owen and Jade’s son was born and she wants it to stay special just for them … Owen is not sure what Caroline wants to do, but he’ll support her decision, whatever it is.

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