Nightwing & Wonder Woman Will Be in the Batman/Superman Movie?

Batman Superman Movie

The world stopped for a few seconds when the announcement of a Batman/Superman crossover film was made during SDCC 2013. The thought of seeing The Dark Knight and The Man of Steel on the big screen together led to geeks fainting and jumping for joy across the nation.

A few new rumors point to two other DC superheroes making their big screen debuts alongside Batman and Superman.

Batman Superman Movie

Latino-Review reported that Batman’s trusted sidekick (and former Robin), Nightwing, may show up in the Batman/Superman film. The video below news scoop provides some more info on this massive rumor:

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Batman Superman Movie

Along with the appearance of Nightwing, another hero is rumored to be showing off their superhero prowess in theaters – Wonder Woman! Latino-Review also spilled the beans on this super Amazonian’s inclusion in the film:

Zack Snyder and company are in hard prep for a shoot that starts in February, they’re setting up shop in the lovely state of Michigan, and there are supposedly four ladies who are in contention for the female role in Batman Vs Superman which many speculate and believe will be some sort of Wonder Woman cameo. Jaimie Alexander last week set the internet on fire when she said she met with Warner over the female role in the movie and just today, my pals from Schmoes Know just said that Olga Kurylenko screen tested. Remember folks, there are four ladies and so far we know of two. However, having seen Jaimie Alexander in Thor: The Dark World, if Miss Jaimie bags the gig, then Wonder Woman is indeed in good hands.

If you’re dying to see the trailer for the film, then feast your eyes on Conan O’Brien’s leaked vid below:

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