The Wolverine 2: James Mangold and Hugh Jackman Move Ahead with The Sequel

The Wolverine 2

For comic book move fans, this next bit of news should entice you. 20th Century Fox is starting to work on the sequel for a familiar X-Men member and universal badass- The Wolverine 2. According to Deadline, it sounds like actor Hugh Jackman and director James Mangold are being prepped for this upcoming sequel:

Twentieth Century Fox has begun negotiations with James Mangold to return for another installment of The Wolverine, with Hugh Jackman bringing back his signature character with the razor sharp adamantium hooks. Here’s where it is right now. Mangold is making a deal to write the treatment, with X-Men franchise matriarch Lauren Shuler Donner producing. The storyline is being kept under tight wraps.

The Wolverine 2 cleared up some speculative rumors about this film by alluding to the progress that’s being made with another upcoming X-Men film:

Here’s where things get REALLY interesting. It long has been believed – at least in the speculating online community – that Singer’s Days of Future Past would help launch the next phase of cinematic stories based on Marvel’s X-Men universe. Kick-Ass 2 writer-director Jeff Wadlow has embraced X-Force as a potential spinoff. The younger versions of key players introduced in the First Class universe could carry at least two or three more films.

Seeing as how The Wolverine grossed $413-million at the box office globally, this news comes as no surprise. So the speculation now begins – what will the sequel delve into? The “Old Man Logan” storyline? Or maybe some “Savage Wolverine” story nods?

X-Men: Days of Future Past is hitting theaters next year, so maybe we’ll get a hint at the next cinematic adventures for Wolverine.

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