WATCH: Drake & Rihanna Make it Rain $17,000 at Houston Strip Club


When one needs to exercise the wrist muscles, one should look no further than the act of graciously swatting paper currency out of the palm of one’s hand, saturating the sky with the faces of dead presidents who more than likely would have enjoyed being part of the bootylicious spectacular that is the “strip-club” experience. Make it rain!

And Rihanna and boy-pal Drake are no strangers to tossing those dolla-dollas to females of the sensual dancing variety type. It all happened Thursday at a H-town gentleman’s club and we have the video to prove it. TMZ reports that the couple left the club at about 5am, because really, after sweating and dancing for that many hours there comes a moment where body odor might begin to rear its ugly head.

Drake & Rihanna Hit the Strip Club — Drop $17,000 on Houston Booty