WATCH: Jasmine Pilchard Gosnell’s Emotional Visit to the Walker Home

Paul Walker's Distraught Girlfriend Jasmine Pilchard Gosnell ResurfacesOne name that we haven't heard much of yet in the aftermath of Paul Walker's death is that of his girlfriend, Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell. That changed Tuesday when she surfaced for the first time since the actor's tragic car crash at his home in Santa Barbara, California, where she visited with Paul's family for several hours. Jasmine, 23, and Paul, who died at age 40, had been together for seven years at the time of his death. Yes, you read that correctly. Jasmine was only 16 when she started dating a then-33-year–old Walker. That makes her just eight years older than Paul's daughter, Meadow. It's unclear at this point whether or not Paul had a will — making it impossible to speculate how much might be left to either Jasmine or Meadow. Although Meadow grew up in Hawaii with her mom, she had moved to California to live with her dad. Paul's total estate was valued at around $45 million, and it's likely that his net worth will increase posthumously. "Think James Dean, think Elvis Presley," Fox Business Network correspondent Cheryl Casone tells "omg! Insider." "Besides the memorabilia from the films, as well as any of his films selling on DVD. I believe his value will absolutely increase now that he has passed away at such a young age." Check out the vid to learn more and be sure to tune in to "omg! Insider" on TV tonight for the latest in entertainment news.2013-12-06T04:09:26.000Z

This is a very hard video to watch as a grief-stricken Jasmine Pilchard Gosnell gets emotional outside her late boyfriend Paul Walker’s home. The barefoot young beauty is clearly having an understandably horrific time getting through this tragedy. Our hearts go out to Gosnell, Walker’s family, his friends, and all who he touched in life.

R.I.P. Paul Walker

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