The 15 Best Movie Trailers of 2013

Gravity Movie

2013 was one of the more epic years when to comes to movie trailers.

Millions of movie goers were glued to their theater seats and computer desktops as scenes of blockbuster carnage assaulted their eyes. Plenty of great films, such as World War Z, Pacific Rim, The Conjuring, This Is The End etc. produced some of the best looking move trailers we’ve ever seen. Even some of 2014’s upcoming films unveiled some incredible trailers. For this year’s best move trailers, we’re going to list 15 of the most exciting ones.

It’s time to reminisce over the goosebumps you got when you watched these awesome trailers.

15. 42: The Jackie Robinson Story

Jackie Robinson’s dramatic biopic hit hard in this trailer.

14. The Purge

Great concept = great trailer. Not a great movie, though…

13. This Is The End

Every actor you’ve ever seen in a comedy film for the last 5 years showcased their hilarious behavior here.

12. Edge of Tomorrow

Tom Cruise + Call of Duty + Groundhogs Day = THIS!

11. The Conjuring

Don’t front – you stopped playing hide & seek for a few days after watching this trailer.