Duck Dynasty Season 5 Premiere Recap: Top 10 Highlights

Duck Dynasty


Season 5 premiered on January 15th on A&E. The popular reality show, which is the highest rated in the network’s history, had a setback when patriarch Phil Robertson made some controversial statements to GQ magazine back in December.

The show came back tonight in full force. The first episode, “Booming Becca,” deals with a new family member, a sick Si, and a bearded assistant for Willie.

1. They Introduced A New Family Member

rebecca robertson, duck dynasty

Little-known family member Rebecca Robertson, daughter of Willie and Korie, returns. Willie said, “Rebecca has been in the wrong L.A.,” meaning California instead of their Louisiana home. The Taiwanese exchange student was taken in as the foster daughter of the couple ten years ago. Now she’s back from a fashion internship in L.A, and gifted her camouflage-wearing dad with a pair of skinny jeans.

2. Jase Reveals His Hatred for Group Texts

The boys got into a discussion about the pros and cons of group text messaging.
“What was the original conversation? No one knows, no one cares,” Jase said of his text distaste. He complained that Willie sent him one to let him about Rebecca’s welcome home party.

3. Willie Wasn’t Happy That Rebecca Brought Home a Dog

According to the Duck Commander CEO, his foster daughter brought home way too much luggage and an unwanted dog. “Once I see a dog and all the luggage…,” Willie lamented. He voiced his concern about the length of her stay to Korie. Now that Rebecca is back, his plans to make her old room a man cave are thwarted. “Man, I was ready for that man cave,” he said.

4. Si Had a Bout of Bird Flu

Si Robertson, Duck Dynasty


Kay and Phil asked a sickly Si to stay in their house since he was under the weather. Si enumerates his prior illnesses: dragon pox, the Andromeda strain, and the black breath. Although he originally said he didn’t want to impose, he later ran to get his bag and the movie Air Bud, which he declared is a classic. This sparked a brotherly movie debated with Si defending his choice of Air Bud, and Phil sticking by his Bourne movies. “Could a dog do what Bourne does?” Phil asked. “You’ll take a dog playing basketball over Bourne?”

5. After Waiting on Si, Kay Caught His Illness

Kay was at her brother-in-law’s beckon call. She took him temperature and fed him soup, while he sprawled out on her sofa. He even started ringing a bell to call for her assistance. As a result, Kay started coughing, and sure enough, caught the illness.

6. Willie and Rebecca Talked About Her Future

Rebecca roberston, rebecca duck dynasty


The increasingly-worried dad asked his 24-year-old daughter what her plans are. HIs fear is that she ends up like his brother Jeb, who lived at home until he was 30. Rebecca assured him that she wants to open a business, and Jen is impressed by her motivation.

7. The Family Threw Rebecca a Surprise Party in the Warehouse

Duck Dynasty season premiere

The men prepared a lackluster party and the women complained there were not enough decorations. “If you’re discussing the decorations, I guarantee you that was a bad party,” Jase explained. “If you want to make a party work…all the Roberstons need is about 30 to 40 pounds of meat stewing in a vat.” Luckily for the hungry family, even though Kay could not make the party due to her illness, she still managed to supply the ever-important gumbo.
Words of caution spread about eating the possibly-contaminated dish.

8. Willie Hired a Look-Alike Assistant

Duck Dynasty

The interview process, consisting of trading quotes from the movie Nacho Libre, resulted in Korie’s cousin, John David, joining the ranks as Willie’s right-hand man. The brothers wanted to know why Willie needed an assistant. Jase said, “Willie doesn’t need any help around the office. I’m not even real sure what he does.” They said since Johnny D is “heavier and hairier” than Willie, he made him look good, and call him a “redneck butler.” The boys get ruffled when the assistant started giving them orders.

9. Si Created A Treasure Hunt for the Kids

Duck Dynasty spoilers, Duck Dynasty premiere,

The kids got distracted and bored as Si asked them riddles they would never understand.
Case in point, one of the questions is who the founding members of Creedence Clearwater Revival are. At the end of the treasure hunt, he sent them to a graveyard, where he revealed he buried candy.

10. The Boys Tested Assistant John David By Asking Him to Operate a Duck Call

Johnny d, john david, john duck dynasty

While Willie was out playing golf, the boys tested the young assistant. “There’s only one sure-fire way to test the merit of an employee. This separates the men from the boys. Do you know how to operate a duck call,” asked Jase. The pressure was on as John David attempted and failed with a weak duck call. However, he redeemed himself when Willie saw that John was sporting a matching bandana, and then brought in a basketball to lighten the mood.

After the premiere, John tweeted an update. He has gotten better at his duck calling.

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