Shayne Lamas Is In a Coma: Loses Baby in Pregnancy Complication

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Shayne Lamas is in a coma, as reported by TMZ. The reality star who we’ve seen on The Bachelor and Couples Therapy, has suffered a “freak pregnancy complication” that has resulted in her losing the child. Consequently, she ended up in a coma and is unable to breathe on her own.

According to TMZ, Lamas was 16 weeks into her second pregnancy when she collapsed at her and husband Nik Richie’s home on Sunday at 7:35pm. The news source reports that paramedics arrived and rushed her to the hospital.

When Shayne arrived, doctors determined she was bleeding internally around her uterus and the situation was dire. Doctors were stumped and brought in specialists to figure out what was causing the bleeding. Shayne lost the unborn child during surgery.

Reportedly, Shayne’s celebrity father Lorenzo and her husband Nik are at her side and doctors are optimistic that Shayne will recover. Today, Shayne’s husband, blogger Nik Richie, posted a heartfelt message on his site The Dirty:

I’m going to take some personal days off from the blogging world. Unfortunate things happen to good people. I’m not the best person in the world, but I love my wife and my family. Shayne is my good person. She is my support and my smile. I found you and I never want to let you go. We will overcome. Us 3.- nik

Husband Nik Richie’s birthday is this coming Monday and we hope he’ll have his wife in good standing by then. Let’s cross our fingers for good news for the couple.

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