’24: Live Another Day’ Episode 5 Recap: Top 5 Spoilers


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On tonight’s episode of 24: Live Another Day, terrorist Margot Al-Harazi orders President Heller to surrender himself at a place of her choosing or risk the lives of thousand of Londoners. Jack Bauer tells Heller he can possibly make contact with Margot, but the President isn’t too keen on his plan.

The following takes place between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m.

1. Kate and Chloe Find the Proof


(Daniel Smith/FOX)

Jack manages to slip Kate Morgan the flight key before the U.S. Marines blast in to capture him, and she quickly exits the embassy to reconnect the download for Chloe O’Brian. The remaining 23 percent from the key downloads and Adrian Cross (feeling some regret for screwing Jack over earlier) locates the override code, used to hack the into the drones, embedded in the other ones and zeros scrolling across the screen.

Kate sends the highlighted override code back to CIA headquarters to confirm the information with Agent Navarro and Jordan Reed. Navarro’s confident with Kate’s assessment and calls up the President to alert him of the situation.

2. Margot Takes Command of the Drones

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Now with concrete proof that the drone that killed four military officers in Afghanistan was hacked, the President orders the entire drone fleet be grounded. Unfortunately, Margot is one step ahead of them and has her son-in-law Naveed (following rules again after his wife lost a finger) run another override to take control of at least six drones before the military can ground them.


(Daniel Smith/FOX)

Kate returns to CIA headquarters to follow up on her big break to learn she’s off the team… again. This time Navarro says its a final decision from Division and its out of his hands. Kate won’t step down from this mission that easily though.

3. President Heller Will Surrender to Margot or Else

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Margot’s not hijacking drones for her own personal enjoyment (although she did cut off her own daughter’s finger, so who knows what gives her pleasure). She has a bigger statement to make, and she wants President Heller to take the blame for the terrible actions she has planned. In a video message, Margot tells the world that she holds Heller responsible for the death of innocent civilians that were collateral damage in the drone attack that killed her “terrorist” husband, and if he doesn’t answer her request, he will be responsible for many more.

The death of children in the attack is news to the President, who was kept out of the loop on the innocent civilians in that attack by his Chief of Staff and son-in-law Mark Boudreau. Mark then uses the President’s own words against him to show that Heller understands the risk of civilian deaths in drone attacks. Looks like Heller’s having second thoughts on keeping his drones flying ever again.

4. Jack and Audrey Reunite

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The U.S. Marines end up taking custody of Jack Bauer at the embassy and bring him back to meet with the President face to face. Jack tells Heller he has a plan to make contact with Margot, but it involves going through an underground arms dealer that only Jack can contact.

Heller’s not too keen on the idea, given the Russians still want Jack extradited back to their country to stand trial for the murders he committed four years ago. The President can’t use Jack and risk the Russians finding out that the U.S. knows of the former U.S. agent’s whereabouts. Jack doesn’t care about the politics and refuses to give up the name of the arms dealer to the President.

Jack sits waiting for the President to change his mind when Audrey enters the room. She stands tentatively in the doorway and tells Jack that the CIA has located Margot’s hideout through an IP address obtained in the video she posted on the web. After an awkward pause, Jack asks about her marriage and if her husband treats her well.

The tension between the former lovers brings them together in the center of the room for an intimate face-to-face conversation, where Jack confesses to Audrey that he did kill those eight people four years ago. He then tells her that she has to leave the room. She lingers close to him for a few more seconds and then exits.

5. One Drone Down, Five More to Go

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Naveed didn’t learn his lesson from his wife Simone’s little torture session, and goes against Margot’s wishes again. This time, he makes the IP address on the video Margot sends to President Heller visible, so the CIA can track down her location. The plan would have worked if her son Ian hadn’t seen the mistake and redirected the IP address to another location.

The CIA, led by Agents Navarro and Erik Ritter, take a team out to infiltrate the suspected estate of Margot, but the British terrorist sends a deadly surprise to meet them instead of finding her.

Kate finds the ease of locating the IP address suspicious and calls up her new partner in crime Chloe to look into it. Chloe’s boss and boyfriend Cross doesn’t want her working with the CIA anymore, but even though she has no plans to leave her hacktivist group, she’s committed to the mission at hand.

Chloe finds Ian’s redirect code, and notifies Kate, who alerts Navarro to evacuate the area because it’s really a trap. A few of Navarro’s men get out, but Margot has Ian target the house with a drone and blows up the estate with agents still inside.

This time, Margot will have Naveed pay for his own mistakes with a bullet to the head. Even a last minute plea to his wife Simone to save his life won’t work, as she’s too far under her mother’s spell to against her wishes. He won’t need to worry about killing thousands of innocent civilians anymore.

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