‘Gang Related’ Episode 2 Recap: Top 5 Spoilers

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Ryan Lopez‘s revenge plan to take out Carlos Acosta didn’t work as well as he hoped. The gang banger is still holding on and his father Javier Acosta wants revenge. Ryan and the gang task force need to bring in the shooters from the Lords gang before a gang war breaks out between Los Angelicos and the Lords.

Making matters more difficult for Ryan is the District Attorney’s office and Internal Affairs. He needs to answer their questions about his dead partner Tanner’s shooting, and that means taking responsibility for the shooting without blowing his cover as mole for Los Angelicos.

Read on to see if Javier will seek his revenge and get his “Sangre por Sangre” (Blood for Blood).

1. Carlos Riddled With Bullets But Still Alive

VideoVideo related to ‘gang related’ episode 2 recap: top 5 spoilers2014-05-29T22:06:39-04:00

The thugs from the Lords gang may have emptied their guns into Carlos and his truck, but it wasn’t enough to kill the Acosta son. Captain Sam Chapel knows Javier will want to retaliate against the Lords by killing its leader’s son and tracks down the Los Angelicos leader in the hospital chapel to appeal to his better senses. Javier won’t listen and even makes a veiled threat on Chapel’s own daughter to convey the point of what the captain would do if someone attacked his child.

Since Chapel fails to change Javier’s mind, Ryan tries again later at the family’s club where Javier has barricaded his family in from further attacks. Ryan needs the man who raised him to back off until he and the cops can find the shooters. But the war has already begun between the gang’s, according to Javier, when they shot up Carlos.

2. Ryan Will Answer Internal Affairs Questions or He’s Terminated

Chapel wants Ryan out on the street to stop a potential gang war, but not before the captain’s daughter, Jessica from the District Attorney’s office, and Internal Affairs investigator Paul Carter question Ryan about his partner’s death last week. The young detective avoids Carter’s questions at first until he’s threatened with termination and that gets Ryan to come back to the table. He even confesses to killing his partner… or at least taking responsibility for not stopping Tanner for entering the warehouse and keeping him out of danger after a night of drinking.

Carter’s not buying the grief story, but Jessica shuts down the interrogation and closes the investigation. But it’s not over, when later Carter finds audio from a nearby security video that differs from Ryan’s story on when all the shots in the warehouse took place. Guess this investigation isn’t over quite yet.

3. Cops Can’t Even Trust An Old Lady

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Ryan and his partner Cassius Green pay an unexpected visit to Cassius’ informant J Dub to gather the names of the suspected shooters. He gives them up in exchange for entering Witness Protection, but he has some added information Ryan won’t like: the text message that Ryan sent anonymously with the location of Carlos the night before.

The two cops bring the names back to headquarters and Veronica Dotsen recognizes the one shooter, Rolin Hayes. She and Tae Kim hunt Hayes down, but not before his buddy sticks a small drug needle in Vee’s back. After a return visit to extract blood from the drug user, Vee learns she’s at risk of HIV and she better start taking the drug cocktail prescribed by the ER doc immediately. The tough female cop keeps that information to herself for the time being.

Hayes gives up the location of the other three shooters, and to the Lords’ neighborhood to round them up. The quiet approach is interrupted when Chapel encounters a old woman who doesn’t heed the captain’s quiet single, instead calling out a warning to the neighborhood’s gang members. The team still gets their men, except for one who chooses to jump out (or Chapel pushed him out?) a window rather than go back to Chino.

4. Ryan Catches A Couple Breaks

Gang Related

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The shooters are behind bars, and Ryan hopes that’s enough for Javier to back down on his retaliation threat. The leader of Los Angelicos isn’t ready to back down quite yet, but he may change his mind for his wife Marciela. She wants revenge for their son’s shooting as much as him, but not if it means putting the rest of their family in danger. She makes her husband promise that he won’t go after the son of the Lords’ leader, and he does (for that specific request at least).

Cassius looked into those text messages off of J Dub’s phone. He could only obtain the location where the text message were sent from, and takes Ryan to the spot where they spot a security camera. If Ryan’s face appears on the video, his cover will be blown. Luckily, the footage is too grainy and they can only make out the model of the car. Cassius acknowledges the car looks like Ryan’s, but its a popular brand in the neighborhood.

5. Javier Can’t Keep His Promises

Marciela Acosta only told Javier to keep away from the son of the Lords’ leader. She technically said nothing about the three shooters in lock up. Using his connection with the prison guards, Javier has the three shooters jumped in the prison yard. And so continues the war.

Things are just heating up though. Carlos wakes up (a blessing from God because Javier kept his promise, according to mama Acosta), but he can’t feel his legs. Hearing his son plead for his legs to work is the last straw for Javier and he makes a phone call to Tio Gordo with the message, “Sangre por sangre.”

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