Johnny Galecki & Kaley Cuoco: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Last week, Leonard and Penny finally got engaged after seven seasons of being on-and-off again.

Now that the series has been renewed for three more seasons, fans of The Big Bang Theory can only hope a wedding will be in their future.

As the Season 7 finale comes on May 15, let’s celebrate the real-life pair behind the fan-favorite couple.

1. Their Characters’ Engagement Trended on Twitter

As early as the pilot, Cuoco wanted them to get together.

In an interview with CBS, she said, “To me, I think Lenny is meant to be.”

When the ring came out of Leonard’s wallet, on May 8th’s episode, fans couldn’t contain their excitement on Twitter.

According to Today, “within minutes after Big Bang’s East Coast broadcast, “Penny and Leonard” was trending as fans took to Twitter to express their joy at the long-awaited betrothal.”

2. They Secretly Dated for 2 Years

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They didn’t even tell their cast mates for four or five months that they were together.
The first time Cuoco spoke publicly about her time with Galecki was with CBS Watch.

She said
that they were committed to keeping their love under wraps:

It was a wonderful relationship but we never spoke a word about it and never went anywhere together. We were so protective of ourselves and the show and didn’t want anything to ruin that.

However, she also admitted that it was upsetting to be in that kind of hidden union.
“But that also made it sad, too. That’s not the kind of relationship I want-I don’t want to be hiding. We couldn’t do anything. It wasn’t as fun as we wanted it to be,” she said.

In an interview with Cosmopolitan, she admitted to it being uncomfortable for a short time on set after the break up.

“It took a minute, a bit of awkwardness. By the grace of God, we became best buddies and moved on in such an elegant way,” she said.

As expected, they are frequently asked about their years together during interviews.
On The Talk, Cuoco explained:

Sometimes you just can’t help it and we totally fell for each other… We had an amazing relationship…It is a miracle and a blessing that we have become the best of friends.

Galecki feels the same and told CBS Watch, “We’re dear friends, still. Kaley’s not just an ex, she’s a part of my life.”

3. Their Chemistry is Obvious in Interviews

In the segment above, the two playfully interview one another. The questions include what’s the best part of working with one another.

Galecki answered:

You smell pretty good. You do smell nice…You know, God, it physically pains me to compliment you. You’re kind of the rock in many ways.

When the question came to Cuoco, she said:

You always offer me a juice when you get one, which is nice. You sometimes pick up burritos for me during the week at the commissary. And you do make me laugh…very hard.

4. Johnny Sat Front Row at Kaley’s Wedding

Cuoco got engaged to tennis player Ryan Sweeting after only three months of dating.

When the news broke, Galecki told E News, “[I’m] very, very happy for her. She’s very happy, which makes me terribly happy

Although this is usually not the norm, Galecki was sitting in the front row when she tied the knot.

Cuoco said, “He was in the front row at my wedding, with a huge smile on his face.”

5. They Both Love This Valentine’s Day Scene

In Season 6’s Valentine’s Day episode, Penny ruins dinner when she sees an ex get engaged.

When they got home, Leonard asked why they couldn’t just have a nice date.

“I don’t know. Maybe because things are going so well between us lately and I’ve been really happy,” she replied.

She continued, “As long as things keep going great between us, you’ll keep asking me to marry you and eventually I’ll end up saying “yes” and then we’re gonna be married forever. And the whole thing just freaks me out!”

Like the patient boyfriend he is, Leonard tells Penny that he will wait for her to propose.

In this video, the actors dish on how heartwarming they felt this moment was.

“First of all, that’s one of my favorite Leonard lines ever, ‘I know I propose a lot,’ Galecki said in the video below. “His solution is to say, ‘I’m not gonna ask, I’m gonna take my desires out of the equation’…which I thought was really beautiful.”

“I loved that scene, Galecki said.

“I did too. It’s so cute,” added Cuoco.

Galecki added, “That’s unconditional love. That’s selflessness.”