‘America’s Got Talent’ Season 9, Episode 4: Top 5 Spoilers

America's Got Talent Judges, America's got talent panel


Tonight’s episode of AGT had more tears than usual. The judges and the audience were weeping over all the heartfelt and emotional performances. Overall, this episode had a particularly talented bunch of performers that will definitely make it far in the competition.

Here’s what you missed.

1. Baila Conmigo Serves Some Salsa

Joanne came to the US at age 17 to dance and open up her own studio. She and her friends explain how difficult it can be to run a dance team, and say they host a bunch of raffles and events to raise money so they can continue to pursue their passion.

Halfway through the routine, a group of young children run onto the stage and perform their own salsa movies. There’s one particularly talented couple– a boy and a girl each six years old, who completely wow the judges.

2. Rachel Butera Nails Her Impressions

The performance meant a lot to Rachel. She says that with her $1 million, she simply hopes to pay her rent. Everyone in the room loved the performance– her impressions were spot on and absolutely hysterical. Mel B said “It blew my head off. Literally”. Howie hysterically retorts “Well, not literally.”

Since Rachel had been on Howard’s radio show before, he wasn’t allowed to vote. She still got three definite yes’s from the other judges, though.

3. Legaci Leaves Behind a Legacy

Legaci is a group of four men who sing Jackson 5’s ‘Who’s Lovin’ You?’. Howard proclaims “You’re godlike!” The men work in the computer business, but Howard thinks that’s about to change. Their four-part harmonies are on point, and while these guys may have struck the audience as ‘boring’ before they started, they sure changed peoples minds by the end.

4. Matt Franco Stuns the Judges With His Self-Taught Magic

He loves magic and his grandmother– she always used to watch him and applaud him, even when his tricks didn’t turn out too well. Matt boasts, “At 25 years old, I’m just as obsessed with magic as I was when I was 4.”

He begins his act by going up to the judges table and making a story about America’s Got Talent with a deck of cards. It’s very witty and he impresses the judges enough to make it through to the next round.

5. A Soldier Sends Everyone Sobbing With His Voice

Paul Leti, a soldier in the US army, amazed the judges with his rendition of ‘Stay‘, by Rihana. Leti had just returned home after spending 9 months in Afghanistan, and told the judges that he spent his time overseas singing to comfort himself and his fellow servicemen. Mel B, Howard, and Heidi ran on stage after his performance to hug and congratulate the modest guy. They found his voice just as angelic as the audience did. This one was a real tearjerker.