Bruce Pitcher, ‘Extreme Weight Loss’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Bruce Pitcher is a true inspiration. Read on for the incredible facts about the Extreme Weight Loss star.

1. He Has a Tortured Past

After years of abuse from his father, Bruce starts to stand up for himself. Trainer Chris Powell pushes Bruce to the edge, taunting him the way his father used to do. In the above clip from tonight’s episode, Powell tells the camera:

Today, I’m going to be the voice that’s been in Bruce’s head for the last 29 years — his father. I want Bruce to realize that he can push back.

Bruce confesses that his father’s voice is always in his head, telling him he’s not good enough, and he needs to get rid of it and move forward. Bruce’s lowest point was over a year ago when he tried to hang himself. His obesity actually saved him because the rope broke. Thankfully, Bruce is still here today.

2. Bruce Actually Works in Athletics

This Extreme Weight Loss participant actually works in sports as a high school football coach. He’s passionate for his players, but he needs to care more about himself as well. Herald Extra reports:

Orem High School football coach Bruce Pitcher is an expert motivator. He was so effective, in fact, that other high school sports teams in the area recruited him, having him deliver rousing pregame speeches to get their teams fired up. Motivating others was one thing. Motivating himself, though, wasn’t so easy.

3. It’s Revealed that Bruce’s Father Sexually Abused Him

Bruce Pitcher Extreme Weight Loss, Extreme Weight Loss Bruce Pitcher, Bruce Pitcher Before And After, Extreme Weight Loss 2014, Bruce Pitcher Father


In an emotional episode of Extreme Weight Loss, Bruce Pitcher reveals that his father used to sexually abuse him and is now in prison. For a time, Bruce actually believed that they had the perfect father-son relationship until he realized what was going on.

Bruce breaks down on the show and says that all he wants it to be truly loved. Herald Extra reports that:

His father is an imprisoned sex offender, and Pitcher was victimized by him as a child. This trauma triggered Pitcher’s weight gain, as he increasingly used food as a coping mechanism. Chris and Heidi discovered this during the show’s filming and urged Pitcher to confront his father. At first he refused, but eventually realized he needed that closure.

4. Two Professional Football Players Come to Help Out Bruce

Since Bruce Pitcher is a football coach, it only made sense that two NFL stars come on board to give Bruce some motivation in his journey. Check out the above clip, featuring Rocket Ismail and Jerry Rice.

5. Bruce Will Actually Return to the Show Next Season

Bruce Pitcher Extreme Weight Loss, Extreme Weight Loss Bruce Pitcher, Bruce Pitcher Before And After, Extreme Weight Loss 2014, Bruce Pitcher Father


After all the hurt, the fight, and determination, Bruce Pitcher has totally turned his life around, shedding the pounds and the emotional pain. His Twitter account features the headline:

Extremely passionate about helping people live their dreams to the fullest! Love Life & Get Pumped!

The big reveal for Bruce’s weight loss was held at Orem High School, where Pitcher coaches football. His players even made him a lei out of protein bars.

So, how did Bruce find his inspiration to complete his journey?

Once Pitcher channeled his motivational skills inward, everything changed. He became a force at the three-month boot camp, quickly emerging as a leader among the participants. Heidi Powell said Pitcher really set the morale for the group. Pitcher was so successful, in fact, that he’ll be returning to the show next season as a coach.


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Hi Bruce I’m actually in the UK and watched you on extreme weight loss , blubbering like a child only because I was so happy for you , I don’t normally leave any comments but you were special the determination in you was wild and I’m so so happy for you good luck for the future young man , its all well earned 👍

Bruce Pitcher

Hi Lauren & guys,

Really thanks for your comments about me. I’ll be sharing my experiences on my blog I’m waiting all of you and wondering your comments about blog.

Love you all!

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