‘Deadliest Catch’, Episode 9 Recap: Top 5 Spoilers

Josh Harris, Josh Harris Deadliest Catch


Tonight’s episode of Deadliest Catch was more dramatic than most. Weather conditions put the Northwestern and the Cornelia Marie in extreme danger, and we found out that Mandy’s about to hop on board with her old man.

Here’s what you missed.

1. Sig Keeps The Northwestern From Going Up in Flames

Sig, Sig Deadliest Catch


The breakers are warm, but a pipe downstairs on the boat is too hot to be a good sign. The captain and deck mates immediately knew something is wrong. Sig explains the boats are getting more power, electrons, and hydraulics and the boats on this season just can’t handle it. He also admits his biggest fear is a fire on board. The only solution is to shut down power to the wheel house and assess the damage. So, the crew cuts the power and looked at the panel to assess the root of the hazard.

With the power off, they had to steer by hand– just like they were forced to do four days before. With no other option than to steer manually, the Northwestern was in a pretty precarious place.

We can’t always fix what’s wrong, but I know when something’s wrong.

At the end of the episode, Sig got a call from his wife saying she was okay with Mandy going fishing. Looks like his daughter is gonna join him on the Northwestern pretty soon.

2. Nick and Zack Butt Heads

Cornelia Marie, Cornelia Marie Deadliest Catch


Zack and Nick butt heads during the whole episode. They confront rookie Kelly Collins with two completely different attitudes– Zach takes more of an aggressive approach while Nick takes more of a passive one.

Zack sreams at the newbie multiple times “You better be running. I better not see you walk anywhere.” It was aggressive, and not what Nick wanted to hear. Nick wanted to make everything more of a team effort and didn’t want to single Kelly out. Captain Wild Bill chose to stay out of it.

3. A Storm Threatens Josh and His Crew On the Bering Sea

Josh Harris Cornelia Marie, Storm Deadliest Catch


The storm makes it difficult for the team to maneuver their equipment and really discourages Josh. They can’t seem to catch anything and are wasting their bait which puts everyone in a pretty anxious position.

4. Myles Goes Down With a Broken Nose

Josh Harris, Josh Harris Deadliest Catch


The wound is pretty bad– Myles gets smashed across the nose while pulling in a big catch and immediately tumbles over. The guys rush him down and bandage him up. The main issue: they’re 79 miles from the closest medical facility. Myles needs stitches but they don’t have many options. Captain “Wild” Bill Wichrowski comes to the rescue and fixes him right up. Well, as good as he can.

5. The Wizard Is Weighed Down By Ice

The captains and deckhands find themselves in a horrifying situation and what Keith describes as the “worst start ever.” Early on in the episode, Keith worries that the ice that’s weighing down his boat is a danger to everyone on board. Its completely covered– the guys have to knock off the 4-ft thick ice if they want to continue fishing, though.Keith tells his crew: “I don’t know if you pray, but now might be a good time.”