Janel Parrish & Val Chmerkovskiy: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Pretty Little Liars star Janel Parrish is paired up with Val Chmerkovskiy on Dancing With the Stars. Read on for the facts on the duo and the rumors surrounding them below …

1. The Two Were Spotted Stealing Kisses Backstage

On the first results episode this season, backstage scenes were shown and the camera caught Chmerkovskiy and Parrish exchanging kisses on the lips. It was a little suspect, especially when Parrish told Chmerkovskiy, “I Love You.” For more information on this, check out the below link:

2. Parrish Has a Boyfriend

As far as we know, Janel Parrish has a boyfriend named Payson Lewis and he may not have liked the footage of his girlfriend kissing Chmerkovskiy. The smooches seem to not have affected Parrish’s relationship with Lewis as the above Instagram photo was posted after the results show aired and Parrish used this caption:

Post show celebration with @paysonlewis! #teamjanelskiy is safe this week! Thanks for voting, I love you guys!!!!

3. They Killed It in Their First Dance on the Show

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On the first episode of the show, Parrish emulated Ariana Grande in her costume, performing to the song “Break Free.” Check it out the performance in the above video.

4. Their Team Name Is Janelskiy

Every team on Dancing With the Stars comes up with a team name and theirs is Janelskiy.

5. Fans Have Jumped to the Defense of Parrish Saying She’d Never Cheat On Her Boyfriend

After the results show aired and news of Parrish’s kisses to Chmerkovskiy spread like wild fire, many rumors swirled about Parrish cheating on her boyfriend. Regardless of this, Parrish’s boyfriend Lewis still posted photos of his lady dancing with Val Chmerkovskiy, seeming un-phased by the chatter. Fans, however, jumped to the defense of the Pretty Little Liars star, posting comments like this:

You and Val did amazing out there. And you have awesome chemistry on the dance floor which will take you so far! These over dramatic queens & kings of instigating on Instagram are dumb by saying you’re cheating or doing anything unprofessional. You’re performing. And your boyfriend is clearly behind you 100%. You two are an extremely adorable couple and I wish you the best!! I’ll be voting for you! @paysonlewis she’s beautiful and talented! You’re a very lucky man, treasure that :)

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