SoapSox Washcloths Enter the ‘Shark Tank’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Children’s washcloth company SoapSox debuted on Shark Tank on October 2.

Here’s what you need to know about the uniquely adorable and fun products.

1. They’re Washcloths That Make Baths Fun

SoapSox … 2 Dads in a tub make a splash!! We are running out of time… so we made this hilarious video… to get your attention. Please support our kickstarter campaign if you like us and our product. Even as little as a $1 pledge will be a tremendous help. Thank you!!

Taylor the Turtle, Jackson the Whale, Shark the Tank, Hunter the Gator, Emma the Duck, and Harper the Hippo will help your child want to take a bath.

Watch the video above where the founders tell their story.

2. It All Started at a Children’s Treatment Facility

Ray Phillips was a Program Director at a residential treatment facility for kids who experienced trauma.

He saw firsthand that the children didn’t want to take baths.

One child in particular refused to leave his stuffed animal while he bathed. After Phillips enabled the toy to hold soap, he gave this to the child, who agree to bathe.

He then met Alvin Uy, who is the head of a creative agency, Insight Creative Group, Inc, that makes products for Disney, Hasbro, and Mattel, and the rest is history.

Interested in Soap Sox? Buy the washcloths here.

3. Kickstarter Helped

In 2013, they enlisted the aid of Kickstarter. They raised $51,930.

4. The Design Team Worked Tirelessly

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On its Kickstarter page, the company explained the design process

“We spent over two years designing and redesigning SoapSox until we felt it captured the true essence of what we envisioned,” it said.

To make the product extra strong, there’s back-stitching at the seams.

The interior is made from anti-microbial sponge, and terry cloth makes up the outside.

Liquid or box soap is added to the cloth to make it a perfect addition to bathtime.

5. The Founders Are Both Dads

Interested in Soap Sox? Buy the washcloths here.

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