WATCH: ‘House of DVF’ Premiere Episode

Tonight is the premiere of iconic designer Diane Von Furstenberg’s reality competition show House of DVF. Furstenberg is most known for her creation of the wrap dress, among her many other fashion accomplishments. You can watch the full premiere episode of 8 beautiful women competing for a position in Furstenberg’s dream company before it even airs right here. Check it out above.

Designer Diane Von Furstenberg insists she wanted to make a reality show that’s honest, with no fake drama, telling E! News:

We wanted this show to be fun and entertaining but also something that has good messages. You can have a good time and still empower women. My mission in life is to empower women and so I hope this show will do that.

For all the information on the contestants vying for the title of DVF’s Global Brand Ambassador, check out the below link:

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1 Comment

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