Justin Bieber’s Dad Threw Justin’s Dog Karma Out a Window

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The two Biebs pictured together on Twitter.

After flying into a rage, Justin Bieber’s dad, Jeremy, threw his son’s dog, Karma, out of a two story window recently. The revelation comes from TMZ, who say, “Jeremy grabbed the dog and hurled him off the balcony into a snow bank.” The gossip site adds that Bieber senior then gave the dog to trainer, Trevor Dvernichuk. Jeremy told Trevor not to bring the dog back until it was “socialized.” Two hours after the TMZ report came out, Dvernichuk posted a crazy message that he says was sent to him by Jeremy Bieber:

You steal my fukin dog and than start this shit you fukin goof. U come back here with nothing I bought all ur kids Xmas presence cause u had nothing u fukin bum. You always were a fukin loser. Good luck. Cops should be seeing you soon.

Trevor Dvernichuk Dog Trainer Facebook

Trevor Dvernichuk pictured with Karma. (Facebook)

Trevor had earlier posted on Facebook that Karma was a very well behaved dog and was easy to train.

Jeremy Bieber Twitter

Jeremy Bieber posted this pic to Twitter when he adopted the dog for Justin in December 2013. (Twitter

When he got the dog, Justin tweeted his followers asking for suggestions on the name.

The Beliebers joined in the fun and the name “Karma” was adopted.

It had been reported by multiple outlets over the last few days that Justin had “abandoned” Karma by leaving him with the trainer, Trevor Dvernichuk. The trainer says though that he’ll gladly hand Karma back to the Bieber’s, he just wants some money for looking after the pup. On his Facebook page, Trevor said that the story that originally ran about Bieber abandoning the dog was “not the true story.” He didn’t elaborate on what the true story was/is.

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Meet Karma Bieber #puppy

A post shared by Jeremy Bieber (@jeremybieber) on Dec 28, 2013 at 11:46am PST

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