Monty Brinson – Kim Richards’ Ex-Husband

Monty Brinson

Brinson is the ex-husband of Kim Richards from Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills. Over the summer, Brinson walked his daughter Brooke down the aisle not long after he learned that his cancer had spread to his brain and spine. For more info on Brooke and her husband, click here. While going through treatment, Brinson has been living with Richards, who considers him to be her best friend even though they haven't been married for many years. The two married in 1985, had only one child, and divorced about a year later. All Things Real Housewives reports a source saying: When Monty was diagnosed with cancer, it was a kick in the stomach to Kim. He has always been the constant in her life. They moved in together so Kim could take care of Monty during his illness. Sadly, Monty has been told the cancer is terminal. His voice is very raspy, and it’s extremely hard for him to talk. Kim is taking all of this very, very hard, and she has indeed been self-medicating to deal with the stress of it. Her medication has been prescribed by a doctor that is fully aware of Kim’s addiction issues. This is being very strictly monitored. Brinson is an heir to a supermarket franchise, who is now a professional poker player.

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