Nick Gordon, Bobbi Kristina Brown’s Husband: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Nick Gordon is the husband of Bobbi Kristina Brown, Whitney Houston’s daughter. When Brown was found face down in her bath tub, Gordon reportedly called 911 and gave Brown CPR until police and medics arrived on the scene. Gordon and Brown have been married just one year and the anniversary of Whitney Houston’s death is just around the corner. The situation is looking bleak for Brown’s recovery and Gordon faces the possibility of becoming a widower in his twenties. Read on for the facts on Gordon’s marriage to Brown, his growing up with the Houstons, the relationship he has with Brown’s family today, and the details of Brown’s tragic accident.

1. When Gordon Found An Unconscious Brown In the Bath Tub, He Was With Felon Max Lomas

According to reports, when Gordon discovered Brown’s body, he was with a friend named Max Lomas. Lomas had actually been arrested a couple weeks prior to this for forcibly drugging his girlfriend as TMZ writes:

Max Lomas was arrested January 14th after the girlfriend’s family called cops and said they believed he was holding Danyela Bradley against her will and drugging her so she would stay. Cops responded but the girl said she was fine and not being forcibly held. But cops found weed and a gun and arrested him for possession of a firearm during commission of a felony. The felony was for allegedly possessing drugs with intent to distribute.

Despite this, Gossip Cop reported that:

When cops investigated, Bradley claimed she was fine and not being held prisoner.

The Mirror reports that police want to find out why Lomas and Gordon were at the house where they discovered Brown in the first place.

2. Gordon’s Relationship With the Houstons Is Very Rocky

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The Houstons and Browns haven’t warmed to the idea of Gordon being with Brown, though he’s been in the family for well over a decade. Pat Houston even has a restraining order out on Gordon. Sources told The Inquistr:

Bobbi’s Aunt Pat put a restraining order against Nick [after] seeing her niece following a fight that they had last week.

Hollywood Life further reports that Gordon’s hospital visits to Brown have been very uncomfortable as a source states:

There is a lot of tension whenever Nick comes around. He wants to be more involved but the family is basically shutting him out. Bobby and Whitney’s family don’t like him one bit. Aunt Pat and him got into it so bad after Whitneys death that he even threatened her. Everyone thinks he was just after Whitney’s money and was using Krissy. He bought a bunch of expensive cars and extravagant gifts for himself with Krissy’s inheritance. Nobody there trusts him.

When the Houstons came out with their own reality show after Whitney’s death, viewers got a glimpse into their lives as it showed the rocky relationship they had with Gordon, along with his ups and downs with Brown.

3. Family Members Reportedly Believe Gordon May Have Been Involved In Bobbi Kristina’s “Drowning”

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According to MediaTakeout, an insider said that Gordon may be a murder suspect. The source reportedly said:

Pat [Houston] is making sure that the police look into what happened to Bobbi. We know it wasn’t a drug overdose cause Bobbi didn’t do any drugs. It’s a lot of funny things going on . . . and Bobbi [Kris] didn’t have a will, so her husband Nick gets everything . . . all the royalties, everything.

Entertainment Tonight host Kevin Frazier further reported:

The family has always struggled and had a problem with Nick. They feel he played a hand in this incident.

In addition, reported that Brown and Gordon were estranged at the time of the bathtub incident, so it seemed strange that Gordon and his friend “discovered” Brown. Plus, police were called to Brown and Gordon’s home about a week before the incident. Nonetheless, there is no current evidence that Gordon played any part in Brown’s accident.

4. Many View Brown And Gordon As Brother And Sister

Whitney Houston took in Gordon when he was a child after learning that his birth mother could no longer care for him. From that point on, Gordon and Bobbi Kristina Brown treated each other like brother and sister, calling each other “brudda” and “lil sis” on social media into their adulthood. Even so, the two found love with each other and eventually tied the knot, though the public felt their relationship was incestuous or just wrong. Brown has defended her relationship with Gordon many times, not just to the public, but to her family as well since Gordon is often seen as Brown’s adopted brother.

5. He And Brown Did Not Have A Prenup

Brown has no will since she’s only 21 years old and she signed no prenup when marrying Gordon, so her $20 million estate from her mother would go to her husband. Radar Online reports:

Krissy and Nick do not have a prenup. Pat used to be a lot more involved but lately she has been shut out. Krissy has been in charge of her money since she turned 21. Krissy’s family would like to have Nick out of the picture. They believe that he is very manipulative and they would like to find some way to knock him out of the box.

There may be a loophole for the Houstons and Browns when it comes to the possibility of an inheritance as Entertainment Tonight host Kevin Frazier reveals:

Interesting thing about Nick: A family member told me they still haven’t found a marriage certificate. A family member told me they don’t believe they’re married. It will be very interesting to see if we can find that marriage certificate.

If Brown’s money ends up going to Gordon, there is sure to be a fight from the Houstons and the Browns.

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