Robert Herjavec Height & Age – ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Contestant

Robert Herjavec of Shark Tank is a contestant on Dancing With The Stars and he has made a name for himself on the show as a strong contender alongside pro partner Kym Johnson. Herjavec is an accomplished, wealthy businessman and looks to be very fit, with a full head of hair. He’s also recently single after being with his wife since he was about 24 years old. So, many are wondering how old Herjavec is. Herjavec was born September 14, 1962, which makes him 52 years old and he was born in Varaždin, Croatia (formerly Yugoslavia). At age eight, Herjavec immigrated with his mother and father to Canada, after escaping the communism in Yugoslavia. His father was actually incarcerated for speaking out against Marshal Josip Broz Tito’s communist regime.

Many also wonder how tall Herjavec is after seeing him dance with a leggy Kym Johnson. According to, Herjavec is between 5’7” and 5’9”. Check out a rehearsal with Johnson and Herjavec in the above video and be sure to tune in each week for their performances on Dancing With The Stars together.

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