Celebs Celebrate Earth Day: 4/22/2015

Ana Patricia

Ana Patricia in Despierta America’ (Instagram/AnaPatriciaTV)

Today the new Google Doodle celebrates Earth Day 2015. Did you know that this day came to be in 1970, when 20 million Americans decided to spread the message of environmental awareness and Earth Day was created.Today, Google celebrates and many celebrities have take to social media Earth Day awareness.

The TV co-host from Despierta America (Univision), Ana Patrica had the earth painted on her pregnant stomach. She posted the picture with the following message: “Because you are my world @ElDiarioDeGiulietta Happy Earth Day.” (Spanish)


Thalia celebrates Earth Day. (Instagram/Thalia)

She wrote: “Beautiful Day for everyone. Take care of it, we have only one. Celebrating Earth Day.”

Jessica Alba told InStyle: “Shop local as much as you can, try to eat organic as much as you can, and recycle when you can. Taking your shoes off at the door is also a great way to be green. Opening your windows and trying to get fresh air into your home is another great way to be green.”

As well as, Naya Rivera said: “For Earth Day, we’re actually going to replace our lawn with turf. We’re in a drought [in California], it’s eco-friendly, and our dogs ruin it anyways.”

And actress Rose Byrne told the fashion magazine: “I grew up in an environmentally conscious family. We had a compost and we weren’t allowed to use plastic bottles. So it’s just very innate—I have it ingrained into me.”

According to Time, as part of Earth Day 2015 celebration there will be a lot of cleanup around the world. For instance, the Great Wall of China, beach litter removal in Lebanon and protecting the 25,000 acres of rain forest in Indonesia. Great way to celebrate. Happy Earth Day!

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