Fernanda Castillo ‘El Señor de los Cielos’ Season 3: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Fernanda Castillo

Fernanda Castillo is Monica Robles in ‘El Señor de los Cielos’ (Telemundo)

Fernanda Castillo is the sexy drug trafficker who plays Monica Robles in El Señor de los Cielos (Telemundo). She is also in a hot relationship with the main character, Aurelio Casillas, played by Rafael Amaya. And the 33-year-old Mexican actress is very excited to be back on season 3, as the mother of Casillas’s only son. “Monica Robles fills me, makes me excited, challenges me, she continues challenging me so that she can be a very real person who has duality, a strong female personality that has grown in the business,” she told Latina Fied. “She can seem cold and commits aggressive acts, and she is also a human, so things also hurt her, she also suffers and falls in love. And she loves her son, so [the character] keeps challenging me, and that’s why I continue on this path… That’s why I continue being committed to this project that has given me so many blessings.”

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Fernanda Castillo is Monica Robles

Fernanda Castillo

Fernanda Castillo (Instagram/ Fernanda Castillo)

When Castillo audition for the part of Monica Robles, she made some suggestions for the character and every one liked it and got the role. She also knew that her character was going to wear a lot of tight clothe and Lycras. “I knew I had to get fit to be able to interpret her,” Castillo told Excelsior. “I started training to get a better body and a strict diet, I run every day 4 miles and take yoga classes. I’ve lost 15 pounds”.

2.Her First Lesbian Scene was With Former RBD Dulce Maria

Monica y Aurelio – Su Historia ~ Temporada 1 Capitulo 14 #ElSeñorDeLosCielos[ESDLC – Capitulo 14] Aurelio le cuenta a Monica que Ximena esta embarazada.2014-08-15T22:54:28.000Z

Before the steaming scenes in the bathroom or airplane with Aurelio Casillas in El Señor de los Cielos, Castillo filmed an intimate lesbian scene with former RBD singer Dulce Maria in an episode of Mujeres Asesinas in 2011. The actress told TVNotas that it was complicated to film this scene because she didn’t know her partner that well. But she was happy with the results. “To play a character that has nothing to do with me and to make it believable, is the path that I want my career to take, do things that will break different stereotypes, let people see my different sides, I think we must take risks.”

She has totally done that in El Señor de los Cielos. Check out one of her steaming scene with Aurelio Casillas in the above video.

3.Fernanda Castillo Knows how to Shoot Real Guns

Fernanda Castillo, Rafael Amaya, Carmen Villalobos, Carmen Aub

Carmen Aub, Carmen Villalobos, Rafael Amaya and Fernanda Castillo. (Telemundo)

Castillo has taken lessons on how to handle guns and how to shoot in order to play Monica Robles. She even had to trained on how to run uphills wearing high hills.

4.Fernanda Castillo had a Relationship with Plutarco Haza and Eduardo Yanez

Fernanda Castillo

Sebastian Rulli (from left to right), Angelique Boyer, Fernanda Castillo and her boyfriend Erik Hayser. (Instagram/Fernanda Castillo)

Castillo had a relationship with actor Plutarco Haza in 2006. It was also reported that she had a relationship with Eduardo Yañez when she was playing his sister in Destilando Amor in 2007. Today, the actress is in a relationship with actor Erik Hayser.

5.She also did some Theater

Fernanda Castillo

Fernanda Castillo playing her role Monica Robles (Instagram/Fernanda Castillo)

Castillo has done some theater. She substituted Itati Cantoral in Cabaret -in Mexico, in which she played the role of Sally Bowles.She also took the main character in Hoy No Me Puedo Levantar.

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