‘Dancing With The Stars’ Kym Johnson: Is She Robert Herjavec’s Girlfriend?

Robert Herjavec and Kym Johnson are making moves on and off the dance floor as the couple we love to watch on Dancing With The Stars. So, are they dating or not? We’ve seen the two share a kiss on a TMZ video as Herjavec had his arm around Johnson after what appeared to be a dinner date. They’ve also been seen all over, traveling together, even visiting the Grand Canyon. Most recently, the two celebrated Easter together and you can check out a picture of their little celebration below.

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Happy Easter ??

A post shared by Kym Herjavec (@kymherjavec5678) on Apr 5, 2015 at 5:40pm PDT

On the one hand, the couple could be trying to cause a stir for publicity and in order to attain more votes on the show. But, Herjavec has made it clear to the media that he doesn’t do anything just for publicity.

On the other hand, Herjavec is going through a divorce from wife Diane Plese, so perhaps he doesn’t want to give a solid answer about a possible relationship with Johnson because it may hurt his family who’s going through a rough time. It could also hurt his wallet in the divorce. When Herjavec and his wife decided to split, he told Yahoo:

I got to a point where there was no tomorrow for me … You have to have hope. I mean, somebody loves you. It’s never the end and you’ve just got to believe that tomorrow’s going to be a better day.

Perhaps he has found that love with Kym Johnson … Herjavec has admitted that:

She’s a great dancer and she’s become a great friend. It’s more than just the dancing. I think we just get along great!

Nonetheless, neither Herjavec nor Johnson have confirmed a romantic relationship … even though Johnson did tell Herjavec he was sexy after his dance last week. She also compared him to a koala, saying that he was cute and cuddly. We’ll just have to see how it all plays out …

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