Nicholas ‘Nick’ Peters Eliminated On ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ 2015

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On tonight’s episode of Hell’s Kitchen 2015, the top 5 contestants compete and the one who was eliminated was … Nick Peters.

To kick things off in the individual challenge, the contestants had to put together small dishes for concert-goers, but they did get to talk to their diners in order to help “sell their dishes”. While Chef “T” did not do well in that competition, Milly excelled and took the win. When it came to dinner service, Chef Gordon Ramsay gave his two sous chefs the night off. He then announced that he would be doing a sous chef rotation where each contestant would have an amount of time to act as Ramsay’s sous chef. Some contestants did well, while others faltered. Nick seemed to have the most issues, dealing with raw entrees and having to apologize personally to diners for late dishes. Milly and Michelle also had a little trouble, but they were able to recover. “T” and Meghan seemed to have the smoothest time in the kitchen tonight … compared to the others.

The contestants voted to be up for elimination tonight were Nick Peters and Michelle Tribble. Upon hearing that Michelle was in jeopardy, Gordon Ramsay became very upset and said he wasn’t accepting it. He felt it was poor judgment on the part of the cooks to vote in someone who did not deserve to be on the chopping block.

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