What Is Substance Over Hype?

Substance Over Hype, Best Time Ever, Neil Patrick Harris

The multi-talented performing group is set to perform on the finale of Tuesday night’s episode of ‘Best Time Ever With Neil Patrick Harris’ (Facebook)

The group Substance Over Hype is set to perform on Tuesday night’s episode of Best Time Ever With Neil Patrick Harris. They’ll perform on the variety’s shows regular final performance, an expansive extravaganza, that, usually, includes some of the live series guest stars and celebrities.

But what exactly is Substance Over Hype? What do they do? And, more importantly, where did they come from?

At the most basic level, the group is a mix of music, dance and movement that has found a niche online with a YouTube channel that has amassed millions of views. At a slightly grander level, Substance Over Hype is a “movement” that, according to its website, “aims to inspire.”

S.O.H. was founded by MALAKAI and is led by him, Caine Sinclair and William Spencer. The group frequently pairs with Music from MALAKAI and FINGAZZ as well as other artists to create a performance that is both visually and emotionally intriguing.

MALAKAI, who was born and raised in Tuscon, Arizona, officially launched S.O.H. in August 2012 after building his career in music as a freestyle MC. He has produced dozens of his own beats and his lyrics include the weaving of Spanish into some songs, a nod to his childhood and uprbinging.

Over the past three years, S.O.H. has grown into a full-blown event across the entertainment spectrum and includes performers with focuses on dance, parkour, extreme sports, martial arts and music. Those performers, many considered the top in their category, are referred to as the “Kings & Queens” of Substance Over Hype.

Substance Over Hype has also worked with dozens of businesses and brands since its inception, including ESPN, Mortal Kombat and even a handful of television shows. In other words, Tuesday night’s appearance on Best Time Ever is hold hat for this group of Kings & Queens.

To learn more about S.O.H. check out the group’s Facebook page or watch some more of their YouTube videos.