Rebecca Crews, Terry’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Rebecca Crews, Terry's Wife


“Ninety days, no sex. All relationship, all talk, all cuddle,” that’s what actor Terry Crews said he and his wife, Rebecca, have just underwent. He says it made the relationship far stronger. The couple have been married since 1990 and have three daughters, Azriel, Tera, and Wynfrey, and one son, Isaiah, together. She’s famous in her own right, known for her beauty queen days as well as being a renowned gospel singer.

Here’s what you need to know about the love of Terry Crews’ wife:

1. Terry Crews Says at the End of the 90 Days He Was More in Love With Rebecca

In an interview with Huffington Post Live, Terry admitted that he and his wife had gone through a 90 day fast on sex, saying it brought them closer together. He told the website:

Ninety days, no sex. All relationship, all talk, all cuddle. I found at the end of that 90 days, I was more in love, more turned on. I knew who she was. It wasn’t like, ‘Let’s go out because I know I’m going to get some sex later.’ It was more, ‘Let’s go out because I wanna talk to you. I wanna know you.’

He added:

You cannot love someone and control them at the same time. All attempts to control your significant other are gonna lead in heartbreak because love is freedom. You know, if I kept my wife locked up in the basement, that ain’t love! If I restricted her in any way, it’s not love. But love is when she comes in the door because she wants to. Love is when she says, ‘Hey, let’s go out’ because she wants to be with me and it’s the same thing that I do with her.

The Brooklyn Nine-Nine actor also talked about his battles with depression saying “I’ve been in shape for a long time but there was a time when I wasn’t. To be honest, I got really, really depressed after football was over. I had to learn to acknowledge that I have sad days.”

2. She Starred in the Family’s Reality Show Despite Her Motherly ‘Protective Instinct’

Their family briefly starred in a realty show about their lives, named The Family Crews, which aired on BET. According to the IMDB page for the show, Rebecca served as a producer. She told the media in the lead-up to the show’s launch about her reservations about putting her family on blast, “As the mom, of course there is a protective instinct. I guess the best way for me to address that is that we’re already a show business family. My husband’s an actor. He’s already famous. We have gone to events together. People know our family. We are not strangers to the entertainment business.” The show ended in 2011 with no explanation. A Twitter page for the program is no longer active.

3. In 1984, She Was Crowned Miss Gary, Indiana

Rebecca king Crews Twitter page

A nostalgia photo that Rebecca posted of her and Terry back in the day. (Twitter)

According to her profile on her now-defunct website, Rebecca was voted Miss Gary, Indiana, in 1984. This occurred during her senior year of high school at Lew Wallace. On her Facebook page, Rebecca says she’s a native of Gary and that she now lives in Los Angeles. On that page, she calls herself the CEO & Founder of Crews Arts Ltd.

4. She Had a Child Prior to Marrying Terry Crews

Terry Crews wife Rebecca


In 1989, a year before marrying Terry Crews, Rebecca had a daughter named Naomi. During one episode of the family’s reality show, unmarried Naomi tells Terry and Rebecca that she’s pregnant. Her father is a man named Charles Burton. Naomi frequently updates her Facebook page with photos of her daughter.

5. Terry’s Porn Addiction Nearly Ended Their Marriage

In his book, Manhood, Terry described his addiction to pornography and how it nearly destroyed his marriage. During an interview with S2S Magazine, Rebecca admitted that she considered divorce from Terry. She describes herself as “angry and hurtful” to her husband. In that article, Rebecca talks about how she channeled her pain into song. On her LinkedIn page, Rebecca describes herself as a “singer/songwriter.” She adds that she attended Western Michigan University studying musical theater, it’s not clear if she graduated. During her college years, Rebecca had her own Gospel singing group called The Chosen Ones.