‘House of DVF’ Season 2 Finale Cast: Who Is the Winner?

'House of DVF' Season 2

UPDATE: The winner is ... Hanna Beth. Hanna Beth was the first one called into Diane von Furstenberg's office, which made her think she was immediately eliminated. Hanna Beth was then caught off-guard when she was asked if she gets lip injections, to which she replied "no." Natural beauty is very important to DVF. The first girl eliminated was Alli Davis because Diane did not feel she was right for the position. Then it was down to Hanna Beth and Cat Wennekamp and Diane almost seemed like she was going to pick Cat. Upon hearing Hanna Beth's name called, Cat looked dumb-founded. Cat Wennekamp, Hanna Beth Merjos and "Alli from the Valley" Davis are the three finalists on the season 2 finale of House of DVF. Which one of them will end up as the Brand Ambassador? Diane von Furstenberg dished to E! News about the winner, stating: I never, ever thought that the girl who won would win. Throughout the season, Cat has had issues with her fellow competitors as well as her superiors. She's overly ambitious, steps on others' toes, is very pushy, and comes off as being entitled. Even when her parents visited her during filming, they told her she had a problem with listening. As far as Alli goes, she seemed a little over her head at certain moments and she was definitely lacking in the personal style department at the beginning of her DVF journey. She also lacks experience in fashion. Lastly is Hanna Beth who already has a little fame under her belt. Her personal style is a bit edgier than DVF and she took some time to break out of her shell. So which one of them is the winner this season? Click through our gallery for more information on each of the remaining cast members.

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