‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ Episode 8 Live Recap & Spoilers

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Tonight’s episode of American Horror Story: Hotel is titled “The Ten Commandments Killer” and we are in for more gore as Detective John Lowe closes in on the homicidal maniac he’s been trying to track down. Another reveal is that Sally has some sort of arrangement with dead hotel owner Mr. March. Get the full recap of the episode as it airs with our live summary, spoilers, official tweets and cast details below.

The episode opens with Detective Lowe at the scene of where Wren got hit by a car. She’s dead at the scene and Lowe has a flashback, remembering seeing her in a glass coffin at Hotel Cortez. In the meantime, Liz Taylor is suffering, trying to get over the death of his love Tristan Duffy. Lowe interrupts Taylor’s tears demanding where to find the Ten Commandments Killer. They are then interrupted by Hypodermic Sally, who says she will take him to the killer.

Sally brings Lowe to room 64 and he is weary of what’s inside since it’s his room. Sally tells Lowe all about James Patrick March as they venture inside. Lowe says that March is dead as Sally tries to convince Lowe to leave the room. Sally cries and tells him to look behind the armoire to find what he’s been looking for. As he moves the furniture, Sally closes the door to the room. Behind the armoire, Lowe finds a vault of body parts from each of the kills. Sally says the room has been there “since the beginning.” A hand from a thief, teeth from migrant workers, the tongue and eyes of an adulterer, the hearts of two ungrateful children for not honoring thy father and mother, the list goes on and on …

Sally tells Lowe that March has a successor and that successor is him. She tells him that it’s going to happen again and again and he won’t be able to stop it. He says that it’s impossible and becomes extremely upset. With each time he blacked out, the damage was done. Sally cries, holding Lowe, telling him that he is the killer and that it’s always been him.

Lowe’s partner is with the body of Wren at the morgue when Lowe shows up and thanks him for looking after his family. Lowe says he has come to confess to the Ten Commandment killings. Lowe says he remembers where it all began. He says that he first walked into the Hotel Cortez five years ago, saying that he got drunk at the hotel bar in 2010. At the bar was Sally, Liz Taylor and Donovan. Lowe sipped down martinis and Donovan approached Lowe, offering to buy him a drink. Donovan invites him to a “party upstairs”, but he declines at first. Upstairs, March and The Countess are diving with Ms. Evers waiting on them. March asks The Countess about “the outside” and his recent kills when they are interrupted by Donovan and Detective Lowe. March screams that he gets one night the entire month as he’s upset about the interruption.

Donovan introduces the detective and March becomes excited to hear about the dark day he has had. Lowe tells March that he knows that death is the only thing in life that has meaning. March instructs The Countess and Donovan to leave, saying that something about Lowe has drawn him in.

March talks a bit about himself as the two share some absinthe and shares anecdotes with Lowe. He tells Lowe that he’s been struck by the intensity of his jet-black aura. March tells him that he seems to be the kind of guy who’s willing to do bad to do good. Lowe reveals that the two of them sat, drank and talked for two days. March tells The Countess that “he’s the one.” He wanted to mentor Lowe to finish his work. The Countess is not convinced that Lowe will let go and March tells her that he needs a little push. March tells her that he needs to hate the world and instructs The Countess to kidnap his son Holden.

When Lowe finally awoke, his memory was clouded and he was in his car outside of his house. He walks into the house with a very upset wife who tells him that he’s a terrible husband. He apologizes and hugs his son, telling them that they’ll go to the local carnival in the afternoon.

After losing his son, Lowe said he began to lead a double life. He would visit March at Hotel Cortez to get away and escape his life. One night, March decides to take Lowe to his “trophy room”. He shows him the head of his accountant Henry and Lowe tells him that he’s a monster. March tells him he’s constrained by the laws that have failed him. Upon thought, Lowe reconsiders hanging out with March, now believing that he could be right. Lowe tells March that there is no justice any more and March begins to tell him about a “father and son” who stayed at the hotel – Gamboa. March reveals to him that Gamboa was a pedophile and Lowe remembers killing him for his sins … screaming “Holden” as he beat him to death.

In the flashback, Lowe is shown trying to commit suicide by hanging himself in the bathroom. He reveals that March cut him down and Sally was going to let him die even though Sally helped him. She was always there, worming her way into his life. He said that he was someone else when he was with her. March becomes angry at Sally as they had a deal for her to obey him. Sally fears that one day she will lose Lowe.

Lowe’s partner shows him a picture of Sally and says she’s been dead for years, that Lowe is confused. Lowe insists that he’s not confused. He says that whenever he would leave the hotel, he couldn’t remember Sally or what went on in the hotel. Lowe also reveals that he tried to kill himself because he hated that he loved killing a man so much. At this point, March shows Lowe his vault of body parts and tells him to finish his work. March tells him to do it in memory of his lost son.

Lowe’s partner reveals that he had coffee with his wife Alex because she’s worried about him. Frustrated, Lowe wants to kill his wife, but Sally convinces him to kill a cheating couple at the hotel. As Lowe was instructed to never commit murders at the hotel, he told his partner how he committed the murder. His partner refuses to believe him, saying that he is no killer. With that, he stabs his partner in the stomach. As he lays bleeding, his partner tells him that he doesn’t deserve Alex.

Detective Lowe goes to the hotel and Iris pretends to not know him. Lowe carries a bloody bag and tells her that he knows who he is and she is relieved. Lowe says that he wasn’t ready to see who he really was. Iris reveals that Wren was trying to protect him. She also tells him to leave the hotel behind him. He can leave it all behind. Lowe decides to carry on and add to the vault. He meets with March and tells him that he has clarity. He says that he needs two more to complete the masterpiece as March welcomes him home.