Amina Buddafly – ‘Love & Hip Hop: New York’

Amina Buddafly

Amina Buddafly is the center of the love triangle between herself, Peter Gunz and his ex-wife Tara Wallace. On Love & Hip Hop: New York, things blew up in Peter Gunz's face when he was caught lying to both women. Gunz had been seeing both women, but told Tara he wasn't with Amina anymore. At the same time, he assured Amina that his relationship with ex Tara was platonic and for the better of their children. What really blew up the situation was when Amina announced that she was pregnant after going crazy on Gunz. But, is she really pregnant? There have been no photos of a baby bump on any of their social media accounts, so maybe it was a false alarm. Or, are the rumors that she got an abortion after finding out Tara was pregnant true? Whatever the case, for those of you wondering if Amina is still with Gunz, the answer is "yes". They are still together and there is no break up to report. For more information on the LHHNY couple, click through our gallery of Amina's best Instagram photos.

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